Pro-produced webinars

Pro-produced webinars

Studio quality professional webinars – you be the resident expert in our BBC-style webinar panel.


The premium solution for your message - This webinar product is different. Filmed in professional studios, this webinar is interview-style moderated by a professional broadcaster, several independent experts as well as your chosen subject area expert executive. The multi camera format and content is high-end, tightly scripted and rehearsed giving you the opportunity to create a quality product worthy of sharing with the world. Broadcast live but be available on demand providing you with a long tail marketing asset.

Showcase your expertise

Showcase your expertise
Take ownership of your virtual event and repurpose the content for a long tail marketing impact


Build & engage leads

Build & engage leads
Build a database of leads throughout the campaign



Thought-leadership with the credibility of independence
Participating in a panel of experts, moderated independently strengthens credibility and relevance for your brand, perfect for use on wider platforms at your disposal such as LinkedIn


Real-time engagement

Real-time engagement, Q&A, polling
Harness audience interactivity


Refresh sales pipeline

Refresh sales pipeline
Deploy virtual events at key times to replenish your sales pipelines when your sales teams need


Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI
Metrics that matter – you’ll get strong insight into campaign performance and return on investment

  • Set up in one of our preferred studio locations or even your offices, our professional production team takes charge to organise everything
  • Scripted and rehearsed with you, the content is sure to best showcase your thought-leadership during the panel discussion
  • Engage with viewers in real-time during the live panel, with polling and Q&A
  • Use opt-in forms to collect viewer data including emails, generating authentic leads
  • We will liaise closely with you to ensure an effective panel is selected.

Standard webinars

Standard webinars

Our webinar solution for your message.


This webinar option is up to 60 minute duration with your thought-leader presenting alone or with other complementary speakers on practical and useful content for participants to hear and take away. Broadcast live or recorded and then available on demand providing you with a long tail marketing asset.

  • A recorded or live webinar format, time duration up our recommended limit of 60 minutes
  • Use the opt-in sign up to collect participant data including emails – generate authentic leads
  • We will engage closely with your marketing team to ensure the webinar hits the right notes
  • Communicate key messages in real-time to a pre-qualified targeted group or offer product updates and educate your target market and customers
  • Interactive features are available, including Q&A functions, or open chat features
  • The recorded webinar will be packaged and branded for you to use in your own marketing channels for online distribution post event
  • Decide on a one-off webinar or a phased series across six or twelve months
  • Avoid the expense of travel, venues and event asset hire associated with a major live event

We believe in the power of amplification

Increase your marketing impact for maximum sales opportunity through a series of well crafted and integrated multiple engagements.

We work with you to design a campaign for maximum effect across our full selection of live and virtual event engagements, custom events designed specifically for you, as well as survey-based research and content marketing support – all set against an agreed timeline suited to fulfil your sales and marketing needs.

We’re here to help.

Get in touch today and see how we can create a great solution tailored to you.


Contact [email protected] for a discussion in more detail, what needs you have and pricing. We will create customised, bespoke solutions for you across our live and virtual events, and link in with your marketing strategy and objectives for single or multiple engagements across the year.


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