Private custom events and engagements

Customised events
Customised events
Your time to shine: an event built and promoted to your specifications

We work with your marketing team to create an event that will attract and impress both key accounts and high value prospects. After receiving the brief, we create the programme, taking full ownership of its development, delivery and a multi-touch marketing campaign. Our research assists to create an agenda that matches your customers’ biggest challenges with the messages and key personnel you need to be heard. A mix of formats will be suggested until the right solution is agreed.

Event formats:


Executive Roundtables


Executive Lunches


Dinners & Breakfasts




Sales kick-offs





Customised events
Audience Acquisition

We are known for our ability to ensure you are presented with an audience built from your key accounts and wish-list prospects, integrated with our highly engaged network of senior executives and deep database of contacts.



Event experts

We have a unique set of experience in event creation and marketing, having created over 3,000 events over the past 24 years. We deploy all of this expertise and resource for the success of your event, including personalised invitation processes supported by targeted telephone attendance campaigns.

  • Event expertise
  • Supportive targeted marketing
  • Audience acquisition

We’re here to help.

Get in touch today and see how we can create a great solution tailored to you.


Contact [email protected] for a discussion in more detail, what needs you have and pricing. We will create customised, bespoke solutions for you across our live and virtual events, and link in with your marketing strategy and objectives for single or multiple engagements across the year.


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