Ernie Newman


Wireless Internet Service Providers Association of New Zealand (WISPA.NZ)

Ernie Newman came from a long and varied career as a business lobbyist, corporate marketing manager and promoter before joining TUANZ, the Telecommunications Association of New Zealand, as Chief Executive in 1999. During his twelve years in that role he oversaw a massive change in the industry from an unregulated monopoly dominated by Telecom with the worst equal ranking in the OECD for competitiveness, to the diverse and open model we see today. During his tenure he took very active roles internationally including a 3-year stint as chair of INTUG, the Brussels-based International Telecommunications Users Group, active participation in the APEC Telecommunications Working Group, and a regular speaker at global conferences. Since leaving TUANZ in 2010 Ernie’s consulting work has taken him into a wide range of digital projects in health, local government, education, telecommunications, and privacy. He is currently the secretariat of WISPA.NZ, the Wireless Internet Service Providers’ Association, which has been instrumental in expanding city grade Internet to our most hard-to-reach places. These days he practices location-independent working over an excellent fibre connection from his home office in Whakatane.