Tony Krzyzewski


SAM for Compliance

Global Cyber Alliance

Tony Krzyzewski is widely acknowledged as a pioneer across a number of information technology sectors in the Australasian region. Over the past 42 years in IT he has been involved across many sectors of the industry. For the past 24 years, he has specialised in cybersecurity and is an evangelist for effective security controls in the Government, local government and commercial sectors Tony is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of IT Professionals and is a New Zealand National Expert on the International Standards Organisation Information Security Standards body. He has recently been active in the update of the Center for Internet Security CIS Controls, as well as in the ongoing Global Cyber Alliance DMARC and Quad9 campaigns. In May of this year, he was appointed as one of eight Global Cyber Alliance Ambassadors Tony is co-founder and Director of SAM for Compliance, a cloud-based service that assists organisations to assess, manage, improve and report on compliance with published standards and to improve their internal cybersecurity posture.