Nilesh Bhuthadia

Global Applications Manager


Nilesh Bhuthadia is the Global Applications Manager for Mainfreight. He started his supply chain career unloading the Daily Freight trucks at 4am, a real-life introduction into seeing how Mainfreight did things their own way. Nilesh’s forward thinking approach saw him progress rapidly from the IT helpdesk, to the logistics management side of the business, to leading the global teams that deliver Mainfreight’s customer facing software. With a strong focus on domestic, logistics, customer facing businesses and technology, Nilesh is always looking ahead to potential disruptive changes that could give Mainfreight an edge by uniquely applying an emerging technology or new approach. He holds an impressive track record for managing successful software delivery implementations for both internal and customer facing systems and frameworks across different global markets for a range of business applications. A respected leader and mentor, Nilesh continues to challenge his global logistics teams to understand what their business problems are and ensure their technology is aligned with real-world use. A firm believer in democratisation of ideas, he’s found a number of the company’s most innovative decisions have come from listening to their team at all levels. He sees people as the best asset for making positive changes in business. His energetic, determined and forward thinking approach has enabled the logistics team to help develop Mainfreight’s complex logistics business, using technology to make it a success; this year sees the global company celebrate its 40th anniversary.