Grant Douglas and Jae Warrander

Director - Technology & Innovation; Director - Development Manager


Makers will discuss how they use small scale BIM in their everyday process of 'design making', utilising and developing mass customisation technologies to generate a sustainable future. Grant and Jae are two of four founding directors, of both Makers of Architecture & Makers Fabrication. The two Makers companies focus on closing the gap between the architectural design and building industries by utilising and developing technological design and manufacturing efficiencies. Having been in business for five years, Makers have pushed the NZ prefabricated building industry in a new direction, and in doing so, have become leaders in the production of mass customised architecture using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing technologies. This method of working allows Makers to be innovative, accurate and sustainable in their; design, planning, budgeting, timing and construction methods, while delivering high quality client and site specific designs. While Makers utilise their system to deliver projects throughout NZ, they also work in collaboration with the extended design, university research and architectural communities, to build, test, iterate, prototype and further develop the potentials of architectural design and build manufacturing. To date Makers have been involved in diverse projects ranging from standalone homes, medium density town housing, large scale commercial collaborations, renovations, while also working on interior shop fit-outs, furniture pieces & installation projects.  The success of these projects can not only be attributed to the digital design, BIM and manufacturing systems but also to the positive and collaborative nature of the Makers working environment. Providing the facilities to undertake prototyping and development supports change in our industry and Makers see change as both necessary and important for sustainable development and the future of our environment.