Martin Knoche


Northland Innovation Centre; N3T

Martin is a Climate Scientist and Physicist. As an Technology Engineer & Entrepreneur he worked on several world-first innovations including the first portable computer, first desktop server, first CRM system, first Cloud based backup/clone system. His new research lab, the Northland Innovation Centre, is addressing core technical and business challenges in renewable energy, sustainable farming and lately in smart transport. In the latter area he is collaborating with international researchers from German Aerospace (IPS, Location based solutions for autonomous driving), NTU in Singapore (V2X), MIT in Boston, USA (GPR, Location based solutions) and AUT’s CERV (computer vision and autonomous driving). Martin is currently commercialising a leading road unevenness monitoring, detection and early-warning system. This system allows to find potholes and move towards a preventative road maintenance regime, whilst improving road safety. Parts of these innovations are planned to be used to test global computer vision technology sensors for autonomous trucks in New Zealand.