Cris Ardouin

Senior Scientist (Radiation Protection)

National Centre for Radiation Science (NCRS)

Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR)

NCRS is a specialist unit of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd. (ESR), and supplies technical support to the New Zealand Ministry of Health for the regulation of radiation safety. It also provides commercial radiation measurement services in support of the national infrastructure for radiation protection in New Zealand. Cris Ardouin has been a Senior Scientist (Radiation Protection) for NCRS (previously the National Radiation Laboratory) since 2000. Prior to that he was an Accredited Health Physicist in the British nuclear power industry. Current areas of expertise: · Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response (NZ representative on IAEA Emergency Preparedness and Response Standards Committee) · Transport of Radioactive Materials (NZ representative on IAEA Transport Safety Standards Committee) · Regulatory inspections of facilities using radioactive materials and/or x-ray equipment in industry, research and education · Radiological safety training · Radioactive waste management (Principal Licensee of the national store) · Radiological safety and security projects in SE Asia and Pacific Islands (including Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism)