Pam Hewitt



Pam is the founder of the Fit Future Health & Fitness Studio and knows that ‘just exercising’ is not enough. To make real change to wellbeing, people need to modify their behaviour - including the use of technology, make better nutritional choices and include movement in their daily life. Pam takes a holistic approach. She is a Health Coach and Behavioural Change Specialist, with a focus on promoting lifestyle change for overweight/obese individuals and those who are at risk of chronic disease. She worked in the Corporate World for many years before switching careers to become a Personal Trainer, and understands from her own experience that adopting a healthier lifestyle takes some determination but pays enormous dividends. She is registered with REPs NZ (NZ Register of Exercise Professionals) and her programmes are endorsed by the NZ Exercise Associations Stress Management Programme (SMEAEP).