Peter Stacey

Principal Environmental Scientist


Peter is a Principal Environmental Scientist with AECOM New Zealand’s Air Quality team and has over fourteen years’ experience and specialist knowledge in the measurement and assessment of air quality. Peter has been a member of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) since 2003 and is a Certified Air Quality Practitioner (CAQP). Peter’s experience has included project management, atmospheric dispersion modelling, environmental effects assessments (AEE), ambient air quality monitoring, workplace exposure assessments and odour monitoring. Peter has conducted or lead occupational hygiene monitoring studies in a wide array of settings for a range of clients. Some significant examples include: a nation-wide study assessing Service Station Concierge workers’ exposure to fuel vapours; a study looking at the potential for aircraft refuelers to be exposed to hazardous air pollutants associated with aircraft engine emissions; and a five-year monitoring study comparing petrochemical plant benzene emissions to health-protective guideline values.