Dragan Tutulic

Head of Water Resources

DHI Water and Environment

Dragan has over 15 years of postgraduate industry and research experience working on various aspects of water resources and stormwater management, river and urban drainage hydraulics and hydrology, flood risk assessment, decision support and computer modelling. Dragan is a principal engineer and head of water resources department at DHI in New Zealand. He is a certified MIKE software trainer who has developed and delivered numerous training courses throughout New Zealand and Australia to the professional engineering and scientific community. He started his career working with physical models of dams and hydro-electric power plants, including site data collection and field measurements towards building and calibrating physical models. In addition, he has been in charge of a team for monitoring water distribution and sewer networks. Following completion of his M.Sc. degree in hydroinformatics at IHE in Delft, his career focused more on computer modelling of water environments and that spread across water distribution, wastewater and stormwater projects, rivers and floodplain modelling work, all the way to integrated catchment management and water quality.