Izak Oktober

Technical Sales Representative

Asmuss Plastic Systems Limited

'm a 47-year old father of 3 (2 x boys aged 24 and 20, 14-year old girl), and been married for almost 22 years. I'm a massive rugby fan and a rabid All Blacks supporter. Also coached at junior level for 5 years. I studied Chemical Engineering at the Cape University of Technology in Cape Town, and has spend about 16 years on industrial plants doing water treatment. I've worked on coal-fired and Nuclear Power Stations, a steel mill and a drinking water plant, before getting into sales. I used to hold Chemical Handlers Certificate, various Permit-to-work systems certification and have a Site Safe Passport. I've spend 5 years with Ecolab/Nalco, treating boiler water, cooling towers, influent and effluent, whilst maintaining customer relationships and growing the business. As a Technical Sales Representative, I now assist industrial clients in specifying and selecting suitable piping systems for their processes, trouble-shoot process issues involving our systems, and looking to improve and promote the safe conveyance of process fluids and chemicals around site.