Kevin Maloney

Managing Director

Methanex New Zealand

Kevin Maloney has been with Methanex Corporation, the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol, for more than 18 years. He’s led operations in North America, as Vice President, Marketing & Logistics and was on the board of Methanex’s Atlas plant in Trinidad & Tobago – a joint venture with BP. In 2015 Kevin became Managing Director of Methanex New Zealand Limited. He provides overall leadership and direction of New Zealand’s activities, which includes manufacturing at its production facilities in Taranaki, along with commercial and business development to ensure long-term safe and sustainable operations. Methanex is a Responsible Care company, which means adhering to the highest principles of health, safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Originally from Canada, Kevin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemical Engineering) from the University of British Columbia, and an MBA from Queen’s University.