Judy Lawrence

Senior Research Fellow

Victoria University

Principal Investigator

Deep South and Resilience Science Challenge Projects

Judy is well-versed with Climate Change science in public policy and decision-making. Judy currently leads two Deep South Science Challenge research projects on cascading climate change impacts and implications, and adaptive tools and measures. With Dutch Deltares colleagues, she tailored the Sustainable Delta Game and is a Facilitator of the NZ River and NZ Coastal Games for decision making under conditions of uncertainty and change. Judy co-lead research on Enhancing Capacity and Supporting Decision-Making for Climate Impacts and Implications Programme MBIE 2012-2016. She has been Director of PS Consulting Ltd since 2005, a strategy and policy consultancy in science, climate change adaptation and related governance and institutional issues. Prior to this Judy was Director of the NZ Climate Change Office at the Ministry for the Environment, Consultant to the OECD on sustainable development, Environment Strategy Manager at the NZ Dairy Research Institute, Chief Executive of the Ministry of Women's Affairs, and Convenor of National Science Strategy Committee for Climate Change. She is currently co-chair of the Government's Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group.