Bob Bower

Principal Hydrologist/NZ Regional Manager

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Bob has over 20 years of experience in the field of applied water resource research including hydrology, hydrogeology and the biophysical sciences. Throughout his career he has shown an exceptional ability in acting as a catalyst for the implementation of innovative solutions to water management issues. Through his stakeholder consultation and leadership skills he has developed ‘first of their kind’ catchment-scale aquifer restoration projects in North America and Australasia. In the Pacific Northwest (USA), he led the first Managed Aquifer Recharge groundwater replenishment programme aimed at restoring aquifer levels and riverine baseflows for the recovery of critically endangered salmonids. In 2006, he was a co-recipient of Watershed Management Council’s - National Walter C. Loudermilk Award for helping restore flow and habitat to one of American Rivers Top Ten most endangered rivers. Since relocating with this family to New Zealand (2010), Bob has spearheaded the development of two nationally recognised MAR pilot testing programmes by working closely with multi-stakeholder partnerships on both the North Island (Gisborne) and the South Island (Canterbury). These New Zealand projects focus are the first of their kind in developing groundwater replenishment schemes (GRS), which incorporate an integrated and a system’s thinking approach to addressing New Zealand’s water quality and storage issues whilst working to restore and protect environmental and cultural values.