Edward McKnight


Auckland Young Professionals

Ed McKnight has been the President of the Auckland Young Professionals since June 2016, and before that had acted as the Vice President and Sponsorship Manager. AYP is a unique platform where those within the first 15 years of their career can meet likeminded individuals and develop their skills. Through AYP, Ed seeks to encourage fresh thinking among the next generation of decision makers, as the world is changing and AYP aims to help others be confident to try new things. Ed has been instrumental in increasing sponsorship for AYP, he works with our commercial partners to ensure that we both receive value from our partnership, a successful approach that has driven immense growth in recent years. Outside of AYP, Ed is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Hatch Web & Design, a company specialising in web design and small business automation — a strange career twist given he started working life as an opera singer. He is an active member of the Institute of Directors, and enjoys applying best practice governance to artistic institutions and other community based organisations.