Sir William Gallagher



Gallagher Group, focuses on animal management systems, security systems, and Fuel dispensers, employs over 700 in NZ and 400 more offshore with a revenue of over $200 Million, Sir William Gallagher joined the family company in 1962 and became CEO in 1972 growing the company from 10 to 1100 staff. He plays an active role as Gallagher CEO and travels the world on a regular basis - holding seminars, training sessions and field days on many topics, including the containment of animals, security of property and people, agri-business, Fuel systems, vapour recovery, tariff removals and export issues. Sir William Gallagher has a strong and active commitment to the community. He is a major sponsor of Rescue Helicopter, the Chiefs rugby team, Waikato Stadium, Mounted Police, Gallagher Community Swimming Pool, Gallagher Hockey Centre and the establishment of the Gallagher Performing Arts centre at Waikato University and is involved with many other civic and community organisations.