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27 - 28 Feb 2018Generator@GridAKL, Auckland
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Leading a culture change to embrace a flexible new way of working
1 March 2018 | 9:00am - 12:30pm

Leading change is a critical skill when implementing workplace and cultural changes. This half day workshop will teach you ways to approach a move to a more flexible way of working and how to devise a plan to take you through the whole change process.

  • Understanding the drivers and motivators of the change at the top level
  • Developing a strong strategy
  • Prioritising goals within a realistic time frame
  • Preparing in advance for apprehension and resistance to change
  • Understanding the change cycle and the ways this will differ inter-generationally
  • Communicating the need for change and gaining buy-in
  • Introducing a change management framework
  • Empowering your team through the change process
  • Measuring tangible and intangible results and reviewing the changes

Samantha Patel

Registered Psychologist

Responsive Consulting

MSc (Criminological Psychology), BSc Psychology (Hons), PG Cert Cultural Diversity in Therapy and Counselling. For almost twenty years Sam has worked internationally in a variety of specialist front line and senior management roles. Working across both public and private sectors Sam has significant experience of designing and facilitating group work to a range of complex needs clients. This includes cognitive skills training with youth, ensuring education, training and employment opportunities for learners who have been excluded/struggled to gains qualification from school and working with learners who have low levels of literacy and numeracy. Safeguarding the well-being of leaders and practitioners within learning environments and when working with complex groups / individuals / families is an area of interest for Sam. Sam’s senior leadership experience has involved leading change within the increased use of a business model framework. As a registered Psychologist and Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (New Zealand Psychological Society), Sam applies contemporary psychological principles to her work and adopts a strengths, value-based approach. Above all, ensuring dynamic responsiveness to individuals, teams and organisations.

Leveraging the philosophy of Activity Based Working
1 March 2018 | 1:30pm - 5:00pm

In this workshop you will learn how you can begin implementing the activity based working philosophy into your workplace. You will begin to develop a core strategy, a plan of action and a clear vision of some practical changes you can implement in your organisation.

  • Clarifying the ‘why’ in your strategy to leverage Activity Based Working (ABW)
  • Understanding the advantages of Activity Based Working?
  • Exploring examples of Activity Based Working in practice
  • Brainstorming scenarios to incorporate flexible and activity based working into your organisation
  • Documenting and visualising the current vs. the future way of working
  • Exploring a framework for implementing the change and measuring success
  • Devising a plan of action with a realistic timeline
  • How to present and communicate to your stakeholders
  • What’s next? How to initiate the project and gain momentum

Zak Hogg

Workstyle + Workplace Strategist

Veldhoen + Company

Zak has been thoughtfully helping organisation create concepts for Activity Based Working for over 6 years with Veldhoen + Company. Throughout this time, he has focussed on how the physical environment can be organised to best support the behaviours and activities that realise an organisations values, vision and strategy. Zak’s approach focuses on the needs and motivations of humans at the core of the inspiring processes he runs with clients to find flow, authenticity, and realise game changing Activity Based Working implementations. Zak lives between Wanaka, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia. When not with clients or in airplanes he is happiest in the mountains.


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