Workplaces & Workforces of the Future

The intersection of people, space & technology

The Workplaces & Workforces of the Future Conference will explore major trends influencing the workplace as we know it and will reveal how organisations are set to change going forward. The conference focuses on the integration of people, spaces and technology with a big picture view on maximising efficiency in the workplace and accomodating more flexibility in your workforce. As well as making better use of spaces, the conference looks at the ways workplace culture and technological advances will impact the work environment as we know it. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the local and international thought leaders on their vision for the future. Ensure your organisation is informed and ready for the workplace and workforce of the future.


Reasons to attend:

1) Plan, predict & prepare for the future workplace

2) Understand trends impacting the workplace & spaces

3) Take the lead in technological & organisational change

International Keynotes:

Tim Dunlop, Author & Academic, bestselling author of - ‘Why the Future is Workless’

Alex Hagan, Founder and CEO, Kienco, ‘Preparing for the uncertainty of the future workforce’


Presentations include:

  • Bridging the multi-generational gap in the workplace
  • Building sustainability features in to the workplace
  • Accommodating the contingent worker in a ‘gig’ economy
  • Worker psychology: Examining the innate human need for social interaction at work
  • Implications and legalities of remote and flexible working
  • Exploring the benefits and potential of shared office space
  • Examining the influence of AI in the future workplace
  • Leading the redesign of your workplace
  • Incorporating wellbeing features into workplace design

Featuring insights from:

Vodafone | NotYetKnown | Frog Recruitment | New Zealand Green Building Council | MinterEllisonRuddWatts | Generator | Massey University | MYOB | Southern Cross | Responsive Consulting | Veldhoen + Company | Warren & Mahoney | mBraining4Success



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