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Leading a culture change to embrace a flexible new way of working
1 March 2018 | 9:00am - 12:30pm

Leading change is a critical skill when implementing workplace and cultural changes. This half day workshop will teach you ways to approach a move to a more flexible way of working and how to devise a plan to take you through the whole change process.

  • Understanding the drivers and motivators of the change at the top level
  • Developing a strong strategy
  • Prioritising goals within a realistic time frame
  • Preparing in advance for apprehension and resistance to change
  • Understanding the change cycle and the ways this will differ inter-generationally
  • Communicating the need for change and gaining buy-in
  • Introducing a change management framework
  • Empowering your team through the change process
  • Measuring tangible and intangible results and reviewing the changes

Samantha Patel


Responsive Consulting

Registered Psychologist MSc BSc PGDip CPsychol

For almost twenty years Sam has worked internationally in a variety of specialist front line and senior management roles. Working across both public and private sectors Sam has significant experience of designing and facilitating group work to a range of complex needs clients. This includes cognitive skills training with youth, ensuring education, training and employment opportunities for learners who have been excluded/struggled to gains qualification from school and working with learners who have low levels of literacy and numeracy. Safeguarding the well-being of leaders and practitioners within learning environments and when working with complex groups/individuals/ families is an area of interest for Sam. Sam’s senior leadership experience has involved leading change within the increased use of a business model framework. As a registered Psychologist and Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (New Zealand Psychological Society), Sam applies contemporary psychological principles to her work and adopts a strength, value-based approach. Above all, ensuring dynamic responsiveness to individuals, teams, and organisations.


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