Workplaces & Workforces of the Future 2018

The intersection of people, space & technology

The Workplaces & Workforces of the Future Conference highlighted the dramatic shifts that will take place across our society, with the implementation of emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, a trend toward the gig economy and a new focus on what employees expect from their workplaces.

Preparing for an uncertain future of work is a challenging concept and the conference brought visionaries who are predicting and shaping the future to discuss how we can prepare our future workspaces and workplaces.

Highlights included:

International keynotes: Tim Dunlop, Author & Academic, bestselling author of "Why the Future is Workless"

Alex Hagan, Founder and CEO, Kienco - Preparing for the uncertainty of the future workforce

Local speaker highlights:

  • Tim Hooson - Jasmax
  • Zak Hogg - Veldhoen & Company
  • Suzanne Henwood - The Healthy Workplace
  • Jane Kennelly - Frog Recruitment
  • Shailan Patel - MYOB NZ

"Amazing, and very insightful speakers with a wide range of topics covered, perfect venue for it."

"The speakers were fantastic."

"Best conference I have probably been to."

"A great mix here of speakers and topics. I enjoyed the fact they didn't always agree - that's important on a topic as broad as the future of our workplaces & workforces. Very well structured."


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