Workplaces and Workforces of the Future Conference

The future of technology, skills, work and space

20 - 21 Feb 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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Redesigning workplaces and the tenant journey
22 February 2019 | 9.00am - 12.30pm

With more organisations moving towards workplace redesign, there are questions around how the transformation will inspire employees, whilst increasing productivity and engagement. The workshop will focus on the details behind planning for workplace disruption.

• Assessing if there is a need to redesign the workplace and narrowing down the problem to be solved
• How to design the ideal workspace to build a vibrant environment
• How to design the workspace to cultivate organisational change?
• Building innovation hubs that will generate a bottom-up approach – creating a learning culture
• Understanding the risks and promoting the benefits of temporarily disrupting the organisation’s current workplace to your employees

Dr Donna Wheatley

Director - Workplace and Education Strategy

WMK Architecture

Dr Donna Wheatley is a strategy and design leader. Holding the unique combination of a PhD in environmental psychology and architectural registration, Donna approaches spatial challenges with both reason and intuition. The outcomes are exciting, enriching and meaningful. She applies an evidence-based approach to ensure client’s goals are met through their physical assets. Donna leads teams through strategy and briefing, concept design through to post occupancy evaluation. Donna also holds two first class degrees in architecture and has worked at top architectural firms and taught at leading universities.

Supporting a diverse and flexible workforce to activate employee engagement
22 February 2019 | 1.30pm - 5.00pm

Planning the future workforce strategy to enable employee presence in the office without being in the office. In this workshop, you will work together and gain the skills to implement the current trends into your organisation by:

• Utilising innovative ways to reward employees and have a high impact on their service delivery
• Implementing flexible working schemes and assessing employee performance
• Learning how to provide an online community with a sense of belonging
• Creating a new platform that encourages innovative ideas and builds a bottom-up culture
• Integrating risks on technology, flexible hours and sustainable practice
• Rewarding employees and encouraging other commitments by offering flexibility in work

Jane Ward


Tomorrow's People

Jane is the founder and CEO of Tomorrow’s People, operating as Alwyn HR prior to the 2017 rebranding. Her early career experience in recruitment and implementing payroll systems combined with her nerdy passion for the latest technologies made for a natural progression into establishing New Zealand’s first specialist consultancy in HR Tech. Jane is a regular guest speaker at industry events where she shares he passion and insights into how to optimise the relation of human experience and emotion, changing business needs and the digital revolution of work. Jane has extensive experience in ensuring the successful selection, implementation and ongoing operation of processes and systems to support HR and Payroll - with the strong generalist HR knowledge necessary to understand key business needs. Her experience, thought leadership and independence in the HR technology space set her apart. Jane is also passionate about providing and enabling a truly flexible workplace and living and breathing a truly modern approach to work.

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