Urban Futures 2020

Planning & designing sustainable, liveable and inclusive towns and cities for today & tomorrow

17 - 18 Feb 2020Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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Santosh Seshadri

Innovation Lead


Santosh is the Innovation Lead for New Zealand-based location data specialist company Orbica. He has a Bachelor of Mathematics with a minor in geophysics, and a Master of Economics with a minor in GIS. Over the last decade, Santosh has developed a strong understanding of the use of geospatial technologies to solve problems in land management, environmental impact, regional economics and agriculture. His impressive professional and academic experience as a GIS specialist extends from both private and public organisations to university, including three years’ teaching experience in internet mapping and GPS field data collection. He brings the philosophy of scientific rigour and a big picture approach to solving complicated issues. Santosh has been an integral part of Orbica’s new feature extraction and classification algorithm development, GeoAI.

Dr Kurt Joy

Remote Sensing Specialist


Dr Kurt Joy has a PHD in geology from the University of Canterbury. He’s a geological and geospatial innovator skilled in spatial solutions architecture. His strengths include the collection and analysis of 3D point cloud data, spatial geoprocessing techniques, and the use of UAV’s for field data collection. Kurt has led research teams and developed a UAV hyper-spectral mapping platform for a multi-million dollar Government project in Antarctica’s Dry Valley. He has developed a cutting edge technique for quantifying human impacts in sensitive soils using Structure from Motion (SfM). His specialisms extend to computational fluid dynamics and 3D modelling. He has initiated and implemented new geospatial technologies as a lecturer in Geographic Information Systems for the University of Canterbury and mentored post-graduate students with geospatial problem solving.
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