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19 - 20 Oct 2020Ellerslie Event Center, Auckland
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  • 19 - 20 Oct 2020
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  • 20 Oct 2020
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Workshop 1- Minimising stress in education- enabling teachers to look after others by looking after yourself
21 October 2020 | 9:00am- 12:30pm

Pressure is an inevitable aspect of life and can lead to promising work as it often means you care about what you’re doing. However, without the proper coping tools and support network, pressure turns to stress and can lead to the deterioration of the mental health of yourself, your peers and your students. Here we’ll discuss the practical tips and tricks to recognise and manage stress and overload 



  • Recognising universal signs of stress in yourself, peers and students 
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms for differing manifestations of stress
  • Determining when enough is enough and respectfully communicating that
  • Creating support networks for yourself to disperse the workload and deepen your breadth of knowledge
  • Working effectively with colleagues to support education outcomes and creating your own professional learning community

Sandy Hall



Sandy has extensive Consulting and Leadership experience as a member of a Senior Leadership and Exec Team within businesses throughout NZ & Australia leading the People & Culture function of a best workplace, she has also led consulting teams at IBM and Humankind. She has helped Executive Teams build resilience across their workforces and bring clarity to their employee engagement survey results and planning to build high performance cultures building flexible workforces that are able to transition to meet performance and market demands. As the Best Workplaces Director for IBM, she is experienced at employee engagement and employee experience and how this can drive high performance, improve customer experience, absenteeism and improve tenure. She coaches senior leaders, and the C-suite on Leadership, Resilience and how to inspire. Sandy has a real passion for both Resilience, Employee Experience & Engagement, seeing them as being intimately connected and critical to the wellbeing of employees and a key driver of commercial success of all businesses.

Workshop 2- Inspiring learning in students with learning disabilities
21 October 2020 | 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Learning disabilities don’t make it easy to learn but by no means does it have to be as hard as some teachers view it as. Misconceptions stemming from misunderstanding have led to stigmas surrounding students with learning disabilities, leading them to avoid education and attention. This workshop will focus on how to reenergise you students and the classroom to support all learning needs in the classroom.  


  • Dispelling the myths on teaching children with learning challenges
  • Analysing learning patterns and effective strategies for connecting with students
  • Frustration management- helping those who don’t know how to help themselves
  • Creative strategies to get students involved with
  • Evolving your teaching style to be more inclusive and immersive
  • Encouraging collaboration and communication through diverse working groups

Susan Haldane

Creative Director

Mind Over Manner

Susan directs and facilitates with a professional team of theatre practitioners who are dedicated to the study of human difference and behaviour. Susan has worked as an actor, director, singer and teacher over the last 30 years. Her work has focused predominantly on youth and their development of social confidence and flexibility. Susan has facilitated theatre workshops with refugees, multicultural and differently abled groups, in schools, prisons, with legal, medical and other professional groups and with kids on the street.  Susan applies her understandings from Reclaiming Youth International USA and Arai Te Po, Aotearoa- A training initiative that facilitates community members, social engineers and leadership makers to explore protocols of place; to understand complex issues of community; and to learn how to transform them into responses that are vital, abundant and reflect community identity and belonging.  As a result of all this combined experience, and as a parent of a young adult with ASD/ADHD Susan has developed her own extensive knowledge of the cognitively diverse individual and what their specific needs may be. As these children have reached adolescence, Susan has also come to recognize the increasing needs of the parents, care givers, family teachers and other professionals who are in close contact with these students. The strength and stability of these people, as Front Liners in their interactive role is a fundamental contributor to the positive development of the youth.

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  • 20 Oct 2020
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    • 19 - 20 Oct 2020
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