Safety Leaders Summit

Leading the way to a successful safety culture

The Safety Leaders' Summmit reminded delegates of the importance of safety leadership and implemeting a proactive safety culture. Chaired by Samuel Moore, the 2 day conference focused on the opportunities amongst safety leaders to improve safety leadership and evaluate the difference between 'best practice' and 'compliance'. Those in the room were reminded how far we've come in New Zealand toward creating an effective safety culture and how far there is to go in realising what 'good' safety leadership is.

Highlights included:

  • International keynotes Cristian Sylvestre and Michelle Oberg bringing insight into safety psychology
  • Steven Carden giving a personal case study on Landcorp's safety journey
  • Jamie Fitzgerald's interactive keynote going beyond the realms of normal safety
  • Janice Riegen's reminder of the importance of mental health for healthy workplaces
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