Safe & Resilient Buildings Conference

Regulation, information and insights to fortify buildings

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"Safety - its something we take for granted in our built environment. Yes we take it for granted right up to the point of an event and then our building (and our faith) is put to the test. Whether its a fire evacuation, an earthquake or flood New Zealand has had enough recent events to remind us that building safety is a fundamental expectation of Kiwi living.

This conference I have the pleasure to chair traverses all matters of safety and complicate issues in buildings that anyone who designs, builds, inspects, manages or inhabits needs to know about. I encourage your attendance and I look forward to the stimulating discussions and actions that result from these days of learning and sharing." - Conference Chair Rosemary Kilip

New Zealand is prone to natural disasters and the aftermath of the recent Kaikoura Earthquakes has highlighted how vulnerable our buildings truly are.

Recent regulatory changes with fire and earthquake prone buildings has shown the need for the industry to come together to enhance resilience and collaboration. Join us at the Safe & Resilient Buildings Conference for an interactive discussion on the changes impacting the industry and the opportunities to improve building standards across the board.

Featuring insights into:

  • Regulatory imperatives to improve building standards
  • Building performance and natural disasters
  • Achieving common ground: perspectives from key stakeholders
  • Reaching building assessment standards

with speakers from:

  • MBIE
  • Building Industry Federation NZ
  • GS1
  • Insurance Council
  • LT McGuiness
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Wellington City Council
  • Gurit
  • Carboglass
  • Asbestos Survey Group
  • NZ Green Building Council
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