Safe and Secure Facilities and Public Spaces

Effectively mitigate the risk and decrease the security vulnerabilities to keep people safe and secure

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New Zealand based organisations & facilities now have even greater reason to sharpen their focus on a wider range of dangerous & significant threats. Thinking must shift to encompass all possible incidents & scenarios, including terrorism. Previous planning has focused considerable attention on response to natural disaster but now must factor in significant human-derived threats.

Around the world, ‘soft targets’ and crowded public spaces such as stadia, shopping precincts and major events have been targeted with increased frequency. Public safety has been breached by random attacks. Whilst law enforcement and security services are responsible for wider threat surveillance, it is the owners & operators of facilities who must play their part to keep people safe.

This new event will examine how you, along with other stakeholders, can effectively mitigate the risks and decrease the security vulnerabilities whilst maintaining the necessary public and/or visitor access and experience.

Crucial insights to keeping people safe & secure at your:

  • Local government facilities, council offices, stadiums, pools, parks, beaches, museums & shopping precincts
  • Hospitals & health facilities
  • Schools, universities & education facilities
  • Transport facilities, hubs & vehicles
  • Tourism & travel operators
  • Government facilities
  • Private facilities open to the public: pools, gyms, shopping malls & commercial buildings
  • Critical lifelines & infrastructure: refineries, tank farms, ports, oil companies, water & gas
  • Private facilities profiled as higher targets: churches, mosques, temples, religious organisations
  • Stadium & large sporting, concert & park event operations

Get quickly up-to-speed with:

  • Predicting & responding to physical threats, including new hostile vehicle mitigation solutions
  • Cyber threats & their potential impact on your operations
  • Crowded places & target profiles
  • What makes your facility a target?
  • How to protect crowded places from terrorism or other threats
  • Vulnerability assessments and applying lessons learned
  • Effective counter-measures solutions
  • Keeping people safe at major events
  • Harnessing interagency cooperation at mass events

5% of Event Profits To Be Donated

Conferenz has pledged to donate 5% of the profits of this event to the official Victim Support Givealittle donation page for victims of the Canterbury shootings.

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