Resource Management & Environmental Policy Conference

Developments on legislation impacting New Zealand’s natural resources

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A note from the Chair: Rachel Devine, Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

"By the time this conference opens, the proposed amendments to the Resource Management Act, Public Works Act and a number of other key pieces of environmental legislation may be law.   Submissions on the Government’s discussion document on the potential use of urban development authorities to allow nationally or locally significant urban development projects to be built more quickly will have closed.  We will be just over 3 months away from a general election.

As is appropriate in these interesting times, the conference will discuss a wide range of key resource management and environmental issues, from the major political parties outlining their big picture on environmental policy and planning, through in-depth discussion of the RMA reforms, to discussion on different approaches to addressing the vital issues of urban transformation, disaster response, and iwi engagement and participation.

I encourage you to attend, it will be a thought-provoking and informative couple of days."

***POLITICAL PANEL*** representatives confirmed from the: Labour Party, ACT Party, National Party, The Opportunities Party, The Green Party

Get updates on:

  • RMA Reforms, the benefits, impacts and implications
  • Environmental policy priorities for government
  • Emergency legislation implementation following a natural disaster
  • Changes to the planning and consent processes
  • Urban transformation and urban development capacity
  • Key legislative changes to the NPS, NES and related policies
  • Iwi engagement, progression towards coherent standards

The conference brings together thought leaders from a variety of fields to discuss, inform and answer your resource management related questions, following the RMA reforms and other legislative amendments.

The post-conference workshop supplementa the conference with hands-on knowledge and guidance to help you apply the RMA reforms in your work place.

  • Managing the Notification Process - a focus on Section 95 of the RMA - Lee Beattie, Director, Urban Planning & Design Ltd & Head of School of Architecture, University of Auckland
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