Optimising patient experience through digital innovation

Monitoring, measuring and improving patient experience by means of technological change

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Registration & coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Peter Gow, Rheumatologist, & Clinical Director - Person and Whanau Centered Care & Counties Manukau Health
Digital transformation for patient experience
  • Discussing where the process of digital disruption touches upon patient experience
  • Establishing a balance between old and new processes during digital revitalisation
  • Ensuring that all parties are able to manage new processes in their role brought on by digital change
Michael Dutton, Director of User Experience, Orion Health
The impacts of new technology in the healthcare sector
  • Understanding the rise of digital health and the new type of healthcare experience for patients
  • Looking at how the areas of diagnosis, clinical pathways and clinical governance are changing based on digital health
  • Discussing how innovation is changing healthcare in New Zealand
Sasha Kljakovic, CEO, Xedical and Healthcare Innovation Fellow & Waitemata DHB
Morning break & refreshments
Using predictive analytics for strategic, tactical and organisational insight
  • Discussing what big data tells us about New Zealanders’ health habits
  • Using mobile applications and the internet of things to gather insight
  • Turning the data collected into strategic change across organisations
Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
Patients’ panel: Our expectations for healthcare
  • Sharing our stories - the good and bad experiences in healthcare organisations
  • Discussing what really makes a difference to patients in the health sector
  • Looking at what can be done to improve the healthcare experience from a patient perspective
Shreya Rao, Youth Consumer Advisor, Waitemata DHB
Further panellists to be confirmed
Lunch break
Pre-admission - Laying the groundwork before the patient arrives for care
Overcoming the distance challenge through remote consultations
  • Understanding the way that video conferencing is currently being used across New Zealand
  • Looking at the opportunities provided by  telehealth for working with remote and vulnerable communities
  • Does telehealth improve patient satisfaction? Examining how patients interact with the telehealth system
Ruth Large, Clinical Director – Virtual Health, Waikato DHB
The Virtual Diabetes Register – early steps towards using integrated data
  • Looking at the beginning of the VDR and how the register was created and modified.
  • Discussing effects that the implementation of the VDR has had on diabetes epidemiology, research and treatment
  • Understanding how time and changes in practice have led to limitations within the VDR, and necessary responses
Dr Paul Drury, Clinical Advisor (Diabetes), Ministry of Health
Afternoon break & refreshments
Consumer participation through mobile apps - The NZ Blood journey
  • Redesigning the NZ Blood app to increase use in whole blood and plasma donors
  • Discussing how the implementation of the new NZ Blood app has changed services
  • Finding the right balance in organisational optimisation and the ‘warm fuzzies’
Asuka Burge, National Manager Marketing and Communications, NZ Blood Service
The role of Integrated Data Infrastructure in New Zealand’s health
  • Looking at the insights on health gained from integrated data infrastructure
  • Understanding the social implications of data gathering for health insights from different data sets
  • Discussing how to balance the gains of data analysis against social concerns
Daniel Exeter, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
Monique Jonas, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
Summary remarks from the Chair & networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Peter Gow, Rheumatologist, & Clinical Director - Person and Whanau Centered Care & Counties Manukau Health
Inpatient - Permanent “day to day” changes in patient experience
Revolutionising the Patient Experience - it’s time to think outside the square
  • Transforming your hospital structure across multiple interlinked departments
  • Committing to change projects for long term optimisation
  • Challenging the status quo for community engagement
David Price, Director of Patient Experience, Waitemata DHB
Combining process, technology and people change - Better outcomes for the health sector
  • Discussing why organisations should take a broader view on business issues to identify the fix
  • Understanding the to move past a single focused intervention for increased patient satisfaction and health outcomes
  • Building a framework to identify problems, solutions and understand the inter dependencies of contributors to the solution
Barry Carruth, Managing Director, Probity Consulting
Margaret Gott, Principal Consultant, Probity Consulting
Morning break & refreshments
Emerging healthcare trends in improving patient outcomes and the cyber perspective on enabling these outcomes
  • Looking at the key trends developing in care moving to the digital age
  • Examining how new technology based care impacts upon patient outcomes
  • Understanding the cyber implications and opportunities to power these benefits in healthcare
Anu Nayar, Partner, Deloitte
Case Study: Consumer voices leading the change at Hawkes Bay DHB
  • Looking at the background to the consumer panel and the implementation process
  • Delving into key outputs and the process of change
  • Discussing what is left to be done and the future of the consumer advisory process
Graeme Norton, Chair, Hawkes Bay Health Consumer Council
Keeping patient digital records safe and secure
  • Discussing the risk involved with increased digital integration of patient services
  • Preventing a breach and unauthorised access to electronic records
  • Safeguarding sensitive patient data in a digital environment
Ernie Newman, Digital Consultant, Ernie Newman Consulting
Lunch break
Discharge - Keeping patients satisfied after conclusion of hospital treatment
Using technology to empower patients for self-care decisions
  • Exploring the ability of new technology to aid consumers making long term changes
  • Looking at the importance of including  information and behavioural science in healthcare applications
  • Discussing the University of Auckland  experience in using apps for self management of smoking, weight management and problem  gambling
Gayl Humphrey, Co-Lead Health Informatics and Technology Programme, National Institute for Healthcare Innovation
Case study: ‘There’s an app for that’ - The opportunities and limitations for mobile applications and technology
  • Discussing the rise of health based apps and the ability of apps to become part of a treatment plan
  • Looking at how specific applications can allow users to track their response to treatment
  • Examining how the ability to track progress and side effects impacts upon patient satisfaction
Jim Duthie, Urologist, Bay Urology
Afternoon break & refreshments
Getting more value out of the consumer voice - Qualitative and quantitative research Qualitative measurement of patient experience
  • Looking at how to practically gather qualitative information from consumers
  • Delving into what questions to ask to get the information that you want
  • Following a line of questioning and getting to the root of an issue
Leonie Lander, Director, Athena Marketing
Quantitative - New Zealand’s national primary care patient experience survey
  • Discussing the process of developing the survey
  • Looking at the Methods of surveying employed
  • Using the results for quality improvement
Catherine Gerard, Evaluation Manager, Health Quality and Safety Commission
Chris Walsh, Director - Partners in Care, Health Quality and Safety Commission
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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