One Stop Update for the Accountant in the Public Sector

The changing role of the finance professional in the Public Sector


Michael McCarthy

Chief Financial Officer

Capital and Coast District Health

Michael has worked in the health sector for 25 years. Before joining the DHB he held a number of senior positions in the Ministry of Health, including Chief Financial Officer and Chief Advisor. He has also held a number of senior finance roles in the NHS in the UK, including Deputy Director and Chief Accountant at St Thomas’s Hospital London. Outside health, Michael has held a number of CEO and finance roles in private businesses and holds directorships in private companies and community organisations. He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Programme from Monash University and has postgraduate qualifications in strategic management.

Andy Fulbrook

Chief Financial Officer

Ministry of Justice

Andy is presently the Chief Financial Officer for the Ministry of Justice, a role he has been in for the past four years. During this time, he has led the Ministry’s external budget process and has overseen the Investor Confidence Rating process for the Ministry over two assessment rounds. Andy has been keen to improve the Ministry’s long-term planning capability, ensuring that finance and the business work in partnership to develop practical and relevant long-term plans as well as working collaboratively across the Justice Sector, where he is currently chairing the Justice sector CFO forum. Prior to this Andy held a number of senior financial roles during 16 years at the Ministry of Social Development. Before joining the public sector, Andy worked in the insurance industry and started his accountancy career with Ernst and Young, both in England and here in New Zealand.

Professor Ian Ball

Professor of Public Financial Management

Victoria University of Wellington

Ian Ball is Professor of Public Financial Management at Victoria University of Wellington. His other current roles include Chairman Emeritus of CIPFA International and Chair of the Audit Committee for the financial statements of the New Zealand Government. He was Chief Executive Officer of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) (2002-2013). Earlier, as Chairman of the IFAC Public Sector Committee (now the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board) (1995-2000), he initiated the development of International Public Sector Accounting Standards. While with the New Zealand Treasury (1987-1994) he was responsible (as Director of Financial Management Policy and Central Financial Controller) for the design of the New Zealand Government’s financial management system. During the period 2010-2014 he was involved in the establishment of the International Integrated Reporting Council and the development of the Integrated Reporting framework.
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