The Office & PA Show 2018


New Zealand EA/PA of the Year

Nyia Strachan, Executive Assistant, Alpine Energy

Nyia Strachan

The EA/PA Excellence Awards Judges unanimously voted for Niya who stood out as going beyond mastery in her role as an EA and acts as several ways an Executive Officer at Alpine Energy. In her 2 ½ years at the company Niya has acted in her role as Executive Assistant to two CEOs, three boards and four general managers. She also leads a team of receptionists, administration staff and a communication advisor. The Judges noted Niya’s innovative approach to continuous improvement with demonstrated cost savings in her first 6 months to leading Alpine Energy’s website redevelopment. Nia embodies the Alpine Energy brand, championing community causes and gets the buy-in and involvement of fellow employees, which in turn has fostered a strong community engagement and employer brand in South Canterbury. Causes have included raising money for the Child Cancer Foundation, co-ordination of a community blood drive for the New Zealand Blood Service and funding for Hospice South Canterbury’s solar panels for its new facility. Niya’s commitment to strong communication, doing the right thing and health and safety for staff, clients and customers was also evidenced throughout the submission. The submission was rich with evidence and examples of how Nia goes above and beyond for her employer, colleagues and her community.  



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Best Event Organised by a EA/PA

Bethlene Jobin, Executive Assistant, NZ National Fieldays Society Inc   
Bethlene Jobin

The Judges observe that the AAFDA Conference was a complex event delivered by Bethlene who spent 8 months planning, organising and delivering the event between her role of EA and Board Secretary. The event attracted the highest number of attendees since its inception in 1980 including delegations of international delegates who required a full residential programme. There were multiple events within the event (hospitality events, tours, AGM). The event delivered on time, to deadline and was managed to produce a small budgetary surplus. Another distinctive element with in the event was the management and appreciation that Bethlene led to recognize the volunteer engagement. The judges recognised that the event was not without its challenges, but it was delivered with a WOW factor as a true kiwi experience, aligned to the Field Day theme.  



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