The Office & PA Show 2018

19 - 20 Sep 2018Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland

EA/PA & Office Manager Excellence Awards

An exciting new feature of The Office & PA Show in 2018 is the inaugural EA/PA & Office Manager Excellence Awards! We're very excited by the opportunity to recognise the super-stars of New Zealand who are so integral to the success of NZ's organisations. 


The New Zealand EA/PA & Office Manager Excellence Awards is overseen by a panel of expert judges. The judging process is rigorous. All submitted nominations are reviewed before a Finalist list is decided upon. Finalists may be required to participate in a personal interview (in person or via skype) should the judges deem it necessary. The transparent process ensures a fair outcome which guarantees that award winners can be sure that their recognition is deserved and fair. Thus, the EA/PA & Office Manager Excellence Awards will quickly become highly prized both by nominees, finalists, winners and prospective employers.

Winners will be awarded Professional Development training packages from Brightstar Training to a combined value of over $15,000.

Take this opportunity to recognise those outstanding individuals who dedicate themselves to making NZ's organisations successful, and provide them with the professional and personal recognition they deserve!

You can enter yourself or you may wish to nominate someone else.


New Zealand EA/PA of the Year
The EA/PA Excellence in Travel Management Award
Best Event Organised by a EA/PA


New Zealand EA/PA of the Year

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The highlight award of the evening. Entries for the New Zealand EA/ PA of the Year will recognise the pre-eminent individual who shows excellence in all areas.

Our highest award, winners can truly be regarded as the best of the best. Becoming a finalist or winner announces to your employer and to your profession, that you have reached the highest level in your chosen profession. You will have all of the skills required to effectively operate at board and executive level and communicate and operate in such a way that your impact on your organisation is consistently felt. 

Entry details should provide detailed examples illustrating how the nominee excels at:

  • Communications skills
  • Sound business judgement
  • Managing line and inter-departmental communications
  • An excellent and productive working relationship with their boss(es)
  • Managing confidentiality and privacy
  • Providing support to their manager, ELT or board
  • Being an Ambassador of excellence for their organisation

Submissions should be no longer than 1800 words in length, including one or more detailed testimonials from manager(s)

  • You may enter yourself or nominate a colleague in your entry
  • Business Unit Managers, HR, Marketing/Communications or Finance teams may wish to nominate/enter their colleagues
  • Bosses and employers may enter a nomination (multiple entries for separate nominations from one organisation are accepted)


The EA/PA Excellence in Travel Management Award

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Recognising an individual responsible for managing the significant travel arrangements & budgets of a team or executive and which may include unusual or challenging conditions or circumstances.

PAs and EAs are trusted with large annual corporate travel budgets running into $100,000s. CEOs, Directors and ELTs trust their PAs to make significant decisions regarding flights, transfers, accommodation and meetings. They also expect these decisions to be made balancing both the needs of the traveler with ever-tighter corporate travel budgets. Once back, the PA is responsible for reconciling and reporting of the spend. Even more importantly, the EA/PA holds significant relationships with Corporate Travel and airline agencies which can elicit significant advantages to the organisation. Challenging circumstances or conditions may often arise whereby the EA/PA must exercise flexibility and adaptive decision-making.

This award showcases the EA/PAs business management skills with regards an organisation's travel and related spend.

Category submissions should include one or more of the following:

  1. How the entrant nominee successfully managed the travel and related activities of their executive or company/team, that may have involved unusual requirements (based on the individuals being booked for, the organisation and its requirements or in the face of special or unique circumstances).
  2. Examples where the entrant nominee has improved what was a current procedure or practice which has resulted in greater efficiency or reduced expenditure.
  3. Example where the entrant nominee was responsible for the negotiation of a new relationship (or re-negotiation) with a corporate travel provider, including details of the business benefit (financial & non-financial).
  4. A case study of a demanding business travel plan (perhaps containing special circumstances or that was required to be significantly altered on short notice) that was handled well.
  5. A business travel case study of successful crisis management by the entrant nominee.
  6. This award is predominantly concerned with business travel, however, an executive's significant personal travel planning may form part of a submission if the EA/PA was responsible for the arrangement of this travel as part of a wider business/support relationship.

Submissions should be no longer than 1800 words in length, for example budgets, travel plans, locations, time zones and their impact, significant event circumstances, and details on how interpersonal communication, coordination amongst interested parties, conflict resolution were required to create solutions.

  • You may nominate yourself in an entry or nominate a colleague
  • Employers, bosses, Business Unit Managers, HR, Marketing/Communications or Finance teams are encouraged to nominate in an entry
  • Travel companies and destination management companies are welcome to nominate an Executive Assistant client they work with
  • Entry nominations must be for an EA/PA or Office Manager (or holding a similar job title)



Best Event Organised by a EA/PA

Corporate meetings, AGMs through to client functions and Christmas parties – PAs organise them all. All types and scales of events are encouraged to enter – the event itself is the nominee as long as it has been arranged by a PA or team of Assistants. Judging will place particular emphasis on the brief, creativity and execution.

If you are a PA, EA or significant Office Manager then you belong to that group of professionals that are most responsible for organising corporate events, meetings and client/employee functions. Whether large or small, budgets are usually tight, the briefs sketchy, and more often than not, you're left to your own devices – however, the employer brand and reputation with clients & employees rests on the success of your event!

This award celebrates the individuals who make corporate events successful.

For this event, the EVENT IS THE NOMINEE.

Submissions should be no longer than 1800 words in length. Submissions should include details and supporting material on a successful event, including the objectives, challenges & setbacks, management of communications with decision-makers/budget holders, event budget, logistics and any promotional material produced.

Events of all scales and budgets are considered. Particular emphasis in judging will be given to entries that demonstrate creative thinking and/or impressive results compared to budget.

The nominated event may be an AGM, employee annual function, gala dinner, special client function, Christmas party, product launch, sales event or even an executive retreat.

The event MUST be organised by an EA/PA, Office Manager or someone fulfilling an Administrative or Support role. Events organised by a team from these groups of job titles may be entered.

  • You may nominate an event that you or colleagues were involved in.
  • Employers, Business Unit Managers, HR, Marketing/Communications or Finance teams may wish to nominate/enter their colleagues
  • Events that were organised by both individuals and teams are able to be entered. A single, designated point of contact must be provided.
  • PCOs, destination and travel companies are welcome to nominate an event.



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