The Office & PA Show 2018

Timeline & Conditions

The timeline for entries/nominations is as follow:

  • Awards open for entries/nominations:  5 June 2018
  • Award entries close: 18 July 2018
    We may contact you for more information near to the deadline, if one of your entries is being considered and more information is required.
  • Judging day : 1 August 2018
  • Finalists announced: 22 August 2018
  • EA PA Excellence Awards Function: 19 September 2018, Viaduct Events Centre – 6 - 8pm

Guidelines/Terms & Conditions

Submitting a nomination or entry

You can enter or make as many entries in as many categories as you like. You may nominate yourself in an entry or nominate another person in an entry. Don't forget to tell other people or departments in your organisation about the awards, they may wish to enter as well. Entries for 2018 are free.

Who can enter?

  • You don't have to be a PA or Office Manager to submit an entry. Anyone can, including your boss, and your Business Unit Managers, HR, Marketing/Communications or Finance teams.
  •  Destination Travel Management companies and Events Companies may also have special insight into who would make a great nominee for an entry.

Entry detail

  •  Please make entries clear and concise.
  • It's a good idea to include as much detail and supporting evidence as possible about your nominee/entry, using the Attach File function. You can upload images, documents, excel files, job descriptions, cvs, event briefs, travel management documents etc.
  • All submissions are treated as confidential, however please do not share any information that your organisation would consider private, commercially sensitive, confidential and would want kept secure.
  • Submissions should be no longer than 1800 words in length, including one or more detailed testimonials from manager(s).
  • Please submit a photo of the entry nominee/team to be used in the promotion of the awards.
  • For Team and Event awards, please identify one individual who is the lead "nominee" for an entry.

Conditions of entry

  • The organisers have sole discretion to refuse an entry or remove it from consideration if, in their opinion, the entry:
    • Does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.
    • Is inappropriate, offensive, indecent or illegal.
    • May be likely to breach or infringe a third party’s copyright or moral rights.
  • The judges' decisions are final and Conferenz Ltd has final veto/decision with regards any dispute. Conferenz Ltd will not enter into any correspondence once finalists and winners have been announced.

Copyright and privacy

  • Judges are required to sign a confidentially agreement.
  • Entries are used only for judging purposes.
  • Personal information on each nominee entry is kept in strict privacy.

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