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  • 11 Jun 2020


Opening Remarks
Jamie Rosemergy, Coach and Facilitator, Ripple Coaching and Facilitation
Examining a post pandemic landscape – pinpointing the changes you can expect in the near and medium term future
  • How is New Zealand positioned to recover and what will this look like at different stages of recovery, especially in relation to New Zealand’s demography?  

  • What can be done to support New Zealand businesses and how can we sustain ongoing business in a changed demographic environment?  

  • Looking at culture and society in a post pandemic environment - how has distance brought people closer together? And will it last? 

Paul Spoonley, Distinguished Professor, Massey University
The role of an EA after a crisis- elevating your role to a strategic level
  • Shining a light on the differences in your priorities after a major economic event 

  • Evaluating the needs and necessities of yourself, your peers and managers during turbulent times 

  • Looking through a technical lens- what critical skills and attributes are important to bring to your current role 

  • Taking the next step- Integrating yourself with the strategic element of the business and supporting your manager through the company’s recovery period 

Pamela Cronin, Principal, BRIDGE Associates & Presenter, Facilitator, L&D Specialist, Innovator, Consultant, Mentor
Practicing productive and healthy habits while battling change, volatility and pressure
  • Distinguishing signs of stress and burnout- stopping the ripple before it comes a wave 

  • Working on your psychological resilience and bringing healthy routines and habits into your home and work life 

  • Mastering delegation, prioritisation and tactfully taking on a balanced workload  

  • Building a remote support structure- how you can prioritise for fluctuating workflows effectively when you’re not in the same physical location  

Mel Unstead, Owner, Mel Unstead Coaching
Rest Break
Defining the standout functions of your role- Negotiation and budgeting
  • Strengthening your position while bargaining with negotiation tools  

  • Taking a holistic and strategic approach to cost management, procurement and supplier relationships 

  • How scenario planning can play a role in your approach 

Jamie Rosemergy, Coach and Facilitator, Ripple Coaching and Facilitation
Panel- Establishing the “new normal”- Reviewing how digital transformation has affected your role
  • What’s critical in the PA’s role within the business within the current environment? 

  • Becoming a leader among your co-workers by highlighting your skills with confidence in the face of immediate and intense change  

  • Bringing business resilience to the forefront- what can be done to ensure business survival?  

  • Working remotely and in the office- how have expectations shifted and what can you use to your advantage  

Caroline Saufoi, Executive Assistant, The Warehouse Group
Agness Stowers, Head of Engagement, Membership & Executive Administration, Alexandra Park
Carol Pito, Executive Assistant, AMP
End of Conference and Sign Offs
  • 11 Jun 2020
  • Online
  • 11 Jun 2020
  • Online
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