Occupational Health Summit

Addressing the 'health' in 'health and safety'

The Occupational Health Summit looked at ways to raise the profile of occupational health, common isuues for occupational health practitioners and ways to solve these challenges. Chaired by Suzanne Broadbent, Principal Consultant at HaS Expertise, the conference discussed best practice occupational health, and provided a platform for sharing information and receiving advice from New Zealand's top pracititoners in the occupational health space.

Highlights included:

  • Dr Ian Laird addressed the 'health' in health and safety, and why safety leaders need to care about this aspect
  • Dr Jim Mcleod focused on preventing long and short term diseases and understanding the key health risks in the workplace
  • Jack Doherty of Beca raised awareness of how important workplace design is in reducing or preventing workplace accidents and health risks to employees
  • Dr David Beaumont highlighted how dealing with mental health issues is becoming more of an issue and a priority, with ways to support employees suffering stress or mental health problems which are impacting their work and lives
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