#NZSOMO - 2020 New Zealand Social Media Forum

Leveraging social to deliver maximum engagement during times of crises and austerity

21 Oct 2020Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland
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Welcome from the Chair
Never stop innovating and refining your social media strategy
  • Looking at the global and local statistics around social media
  • Reviewing algorithm changes on popular platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and how this affects your social media strategy.
  • What will happen to social media as part of the marketing mix and advertising spend in a recessionary environment – what are smarter companies doing?
Jam Mayer, Founder and Chief Conversologist, Conversologie 
Mapping user migration and changes in behaviour on social media
  • Navigating the shifts in user demographics and behaviours across popular platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Discussing the impact of COVID-19 on social media and how social media activities have evolved during the #LockDown
  • How to get the business outcomes out of using social media – what metrics matter, content strategies, and what type of content grows organisations
David Bowes, CEO, Zavy
Morning break
Boosting overall CX through great social media strategies
  • How implementing a strong social media strategy can augment the overall CX efforts for your brand
  • Integrating social media commerce into your wider e-commerce experience
  • Working around people’s scepticism on being targeted/marketed to
  • Discovering innovative ways to run ads and campaigns on social media
David Lister, Head of Experience, Fuse
Crisis comms and combating fake news on social media
  • How do you cut through all the noise, fake news and misinformation and ensure effective dissemination of factual information to your target audience?
  • Innovation during times of crisis – the SNS tools that help prioritise news from trusted and official organisations
  • Setting up systems to identify and protect your audience from scams and misinformation
  • Discussing the role of the social media and communications team in getting messages across to the right people at the right time
Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney Moloney
Case Study: Sharesies – Sharesies Share Club

Sharesies has used social media to engage, educate and empower a new generation of investors through their own 'Sharesies Share Club' community. Hear how Sharesies has managed to maintain a high level of engagement and integrity in their online community whilst constantly keeping users informed of important updates to come

Krystle Field, Community Lead, Sharesies
Lunch break
Case Study: Creating a community for people to stay connected and a place to have ‘A Few Quiet Yarns’

Ryan 'The Lion’ has created AFQY with a purpose to provide an space for people to stay connected and to share ideas and stories without the doubt of manipulation or being sold to. Hear how he has managed to moderate this community to stay aligned to its purpose and learn which tools he has utilised to expand the AFQY community. 

Ryan The Lion Ashton, Founder / Chief Yarner, AFQY
Personas as foundational element to any social media strategy

Personas are a vital first step in developing your content and social strategy. So, what exactly is a persona? How does it aid the creation of relevant content? And how do you create personas?

Boyd Wason , Managing Director, Engaging Partners
The Future is here, innovative ways to make your content stand out
  • Being brave, and how taking 'risks' pays off
  • Harnessing the power of new technology and cross platform storytelling
  • Remaining hungry and always innovating
Benjamin Forman, Founder / CEO, Wrestler
How to get the best out of your social media agency
  • What you need before you start
  • What they should do, and what you should keep doing yourself
  • How to get the best out them when you're working together
  • Knowing when to bail out
Julian Thompson, Head of Strategy, Mosh
Afternoon break
Case Study: Vodafone NZ

Over the last year Vodafone NZ has been testing and learning with topical moments across its core social channels. From live streaming Halloween and Valentine’s Day, to celebrating International Women’s Day on TikTok, and working with Instagram Influencers to tell the story of Free Data Nights over the Christmas break, Vodafone NZ sought to engage with its audiences in a new way. Hear some of the learnings that inform their strategy today. 

Kimberley Harcombe, Social Media Lead, Vodafone NZ
Case Study: GroupM - The Intersection of People, Creativity, Data & Technology

Powered by unrivalled technology, GroupM enables agencies Ikon, Mediacom, Wavemaker and Mindshare to connect humans & technology to drive business outcomes. Through ‘mInsights’, their Audience Data Management Platform, with INCA, their Influencer Data Management Platform, GroupM have a unique view of NZ online behaviours and the ability to connect brands with online content creators. Technology is the conduit, and you are the content.

Nick Henderson, Head of Product & Innovation, GroupM
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drink
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