NZ Marketing Leaders' Summit 2019

Marketing redefined - Bringing ethics and sustainability into strategy

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Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Alex Mackrill, Marketing Director, Hype & Dexter
Trends and strategy: A look at the present and future
Opening keynote: The new values of business & commerce

Global & local events have and continue to bring a growing movement, holding business, governments and people to a higher level of ethical accountability. What does it mean for society, community, industry and organisations as we move into an era where ethics, sustainability and purpose are at the forefront of our world?

  • Charting where we have been and what we are becoming
  • Bringing new industry models to the fore – communities, industries and companies that are stand-outs in the ethical economy
  • What this means for business and marketing leaders?
  • Showcasing the evolution of traditional business models – how are marketers leading as business entrepreneurs
Chris Daly, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
International keynote: Unearthing the secrets to a stand-out strategy
  • Highlighting the latest thinking in strategy formulation and frameworks and what this means for marketing leaders
  • Considering the factors surrounding a strategy – analysing the opportunities and the risks
  • Understanding the core values the organisation has been built on – aligning strategies with the core values
  • Making the investments to put plans into play and deliver on the expected outcomes
  • Tracking KPIs to build on the strategy
Mariela Ure, Chief Marketing Officer, Universal Studios Hollywood (USA)
Morning break
C-Suite Panel: Defining the future of the marketing team in 2030

In recent years, marketing has shifted from a siloed team to a more collaborative team. With a more collaborative approach, that involves other stakeholders (within the organisation) with a close eye on marketing collateral, how is the traditional marketing department evolving?

  • Discussing what an ideal marketing ‘team’ of the future looks like – evolving from a traditional siloed team to a more collaborative one
  • Understanding that a collaborative approach to marketing is what delivers the best results and ROI
  • Highlighting the skills required to drive effective marketing strategies
  • Defining the ‘role’ of the marketing team and its place in the organisation
Mariela Ure, Chief Marketing Officer, Universal Studios Hollywood
Chris Daly, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Institute of Marketing
Byron Powell, Chief Marketing Officer, Parkable
MODERATOR: Julia Jack, Chief Marketing Officer, Mercury
Shaping marketing practices through an Agile approach
  • Is Agile disrupting traditional professions and roles – understanding the Agile approach in the marketing team
  • Developing company practices to encourage an Agile approach
  • Implementing standards to track progress
Nicola Mitchell, Former Marketing Executive at Skype and Tweetdeck
Lunch break
Consumer Trends: Aligning your marketing strategy to your customer needs and wants
The Art & Science of Marketing: How NZ marketers are using creativity and technology to drive business
  • How to create customer-centric digital experiences
  • Navigating the marketing technology landscape
  • Lessons to accelerate your journey to personalisation
  • Driving transformation in your business
Holly Jones, Head of Marketing, Movio
Grace Brebner, Product Manager – Marketing and Automation, Tourism Holdings Limited
Qassem Naim, Head of Data and Technology, FCB
Moderated by Marketo, An Adobe company
Customer engagement and marketing: what’s the link that ties them together?
  • Creating effective marketing campaigns that generates customer engagement
  • Aligning traditional and digital marketing campaign to balance the online and face-to-face customer engagement
  • Looking at the breadth of channel exposure and the best choices of investment that is right for your strategy
Rebecca Caroe, Consultant, Creative Agency Secrets
Afternoon break
Through the looking glass: how voice of the customer data can inform
  • Tracking customer insights to understand pain points and solve your customer's problems
  • Utilising customer data to fine-tune your marketing mix and create trend-based campaigns
  • Building brand loyalty through conversations with your customers
Mat Wylie, CEO/Founder, Customer Radar
Collaborating with brands and the wider organisation as part of your organisation’s marketing strategy
Building relationships with agency partners to deliver effective campaigns
  • Defining the KPIs and tracking them
  • Cutting through the noise - what results really matter in your campaigns
  • Benchmarking the budget spend – where is the investment most valuable
  • Analysing the benefits between outsourcing and developing plans in-house
Dave Hockly, Analytics and Strategy Specialist, Data Story Ltd
Bridging the gaps: Collaborating efficiently as a marketer with your sales and sponsorship teams
  • Putting yourself in their shoes – understanding how marketing and sales can work together to deliver better outcomes on their respective campaigns
  • Aligning the activity – discussing how marketing and sales activities can complement each other
  • Understanding the growth opportunities that can occur as a result of collaborating efficiently
  • Sharing tips, tricks and lessons learnt, and how to better improve for the future
Chris Vanderkolk, Head of Marketing, Figured
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Alex Mackrill, Marketing Director, Hype & Dexter
Welcome back from the Chair
Alex Mackrill, Marketing Director, Hype & Dexter
Trust, purpose and the organisation’s voice in culture and brand
  • Bringing purpose and voice into the marketing culture
  • Aligning the values with the organisation’s products/services
  • Effectively conveying the organisation’s purpose through marketing
  • Understanding the role leadership and the wider team play in supporting the organisation’s voice in culture and brand
  • Encouraging a company-wide culture that aligns with the organisation
Jill Brinsdon, Director, Tricky
Aligning brand with culture and the importance of having a unifying value proposition
  • Aligning brand and culture in an authentic way provides a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Your brand is what your customer says it is, not what you think it is
  • Reposition your brand to reflect your unique difference that is valued by the customer and articulate it with a meaningful value proposition
  • Embed that brand internally with your people to ensure your business delivers on your brand promise across the entire value chain
Fiona Cresswell, GM – Marketing Operations, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Morning break
Marketing disruption: Technology, data and beyond
Technology – How emerging technology is disrupting marketing
  • How technology is shaping today’s marketing practices – AI, Machine Learning and what’s next?
  • With technology, marketing truly owns the customer and now business strategy like never before
  • Being data and insight led and how technology is at the heart of marketing today
Pip Simeon, Partner Marketing Leader, Microsoft New Zealand
Connecting the dots: Showcasing data driven marketing

Now, more than ever, marketing is focused on digital and digital leaves a footprint. Marketers have a plethora of data that they receive each day. This session will discuss how data is driving marketing strategies and how an organisation relies on it when creating these strategies.

  • Understanding the sources where the data is coming from
  • Sifting through the data – learning how to identify the key information
  • Highlighting how data helps drive customer experience and engagement
  • Leveraging data to create actionable insights
Andy Bowie, Country Manager, Uber Eats
QUICK FIRE SESSIONS: Insights on marketing approaches and trends from agencies
Session 1: Signature Experiences

As brands increasingly focus on delivering meaningful and memorable experiences, how do we identify, elevate or create these experiences in ways that not only engage their audiences but also bring meaning to the brand?

Bruce Gourley, Strategy Director, Stanley St
Session 2: Big Data + Bigger Thinking = Better Results

Hear how organisations are acting on and leveraging their most important asset; their data. Gathering, storing, structuring, analysing, utilising in campaigns and personalising experiences; the power of data is within the grasp of many. We'll explore how organisations have been able to overcome the internal hurdles and demonstrate success to the wider business with an end to end use of data.

Danny Parker, Commercial Director, First Digital
Session 3: Will we be selling to machines?

When everything’s in a state of flux and every line is getting blurred exponentially in our digital future, how do we define what is human? Who or what we will be talking and selling to?

Ajay Murthy, Senior Digital Strategist, Saatchi and Saatchi
Extended Q and A with agency representatives
Lunch break
Voice of the organisation: Brand & people
Collaborating with the right (brand) partners | The benefits of a well-executed partnership
  • Diving into why brand partnerships are good – are these becoming a necessity going forward?
  • Highlighting examples of successful brand partnerships – how did the parties involved benefit?
Jacqui Hopkins, Senior Account Director, MediaWorks NZ
Building a business for the future | Incorporating sustainability in the brand – internally and externally
  • Developing or tailoring a marketing strategy that incorporates the organisation’s sustainable commitments across all contexts, from environmental to human capital
  • Integrating sustainable practices throughout the organisation’s internal and external value chain
Alexandra Tidy, Global Project Manager, Drake International
Case study: Conveying an organisation’s commitment to sustainability through their voice and products | Mercury
  • Creating a unique ‘voice’ for the brand – how is Mercury sharing making energy wonderful?
  • Translating the voice in their product offerings and services – the role Evie, electric bikes and more are playing
  • Shaping for future communications that align with the ‘voice’
Julia Jack, Chief Marketing Officer, Mercury
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Alex Mackrill, Marketing Director, Hype & Dexter

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