NZ Marketing Leaders' Summit 2019

Marketing redefined - Bringing ethics and sustainability into strategy

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Now, more than ever, organisations globally are championing a collaborative approach. It is important to understand how the different teams in an organisation can collaborate with the marketing team and formulate strategies cohesively.

The NZ Marketing Leaders’ Summit was a two-day summit that focused on business leadership and strategy.

The sessions discussed topics such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Culture
  • Ethics
  • Market research and consumers
  • Technology

Featured sessions included:

  • Opening keynote: The new values of business & commerce
  • International keynote: Unearthing the secrets to a stand-out strategy
  • C-suite panel: Defining the future of the marketing team
  • Trust, purpose and the organisation’s voice in culture and brand
  • Aligning brand with culture and the importance of having a unifying value proposition
  • Connecting the dots: Showcasing data driven marketing

If you have any enquiries regarding the event for 2020, please contact Mili Goswami – [email protected]



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