NZ Cognitive Computing for Business Forum

Artificial Intelligence | Virtual Reality | Robotic Process Automation | IoT

12 Apr 2017Hilton Hotel, Auckland

The NZ Cognitive Computing for Business Forum will shine a light on the future of business powered by the application of cognitive computing.

The combination of technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language processing, machine learning and IoT will extend human intelligence and is set to have a disruptive impact across all industries.

By automating back of office functions and offering cognitive powered solutions, organisations will heighten customer experiences, achieve cost savings, new levels of efficiency, accuracy and more!

To prepare your organisation for the cognitive computing revolution and help you decipher this evolving world, the NZ Cognitive Computing for Business Forum will provide insights from first-hand experiences which you can adopt to develop your own strategies, and cover essential steps including organising and preparing your data so that it can be fully operationalised.

Highlighting practical implementations of cognitive computing locally and abroad, this event will cover topics including:

  • International trends and perspectives
  • Practical examples of how these technologies can be applied
  • Chatbots and personal assistants
  • Workforce transformation and change management
  • Data preparation and business intelligence
  • The benefits to business including cost savings and enhancing customer experiences
  • Security – The changing threat landscape and customer data protection

Who will attend?

  • C-level executives (COO, CDO, CIO, CEO)
  • Technology Strategy Managers
  • Automation Engineers and Test Analysts
  • Heads of Departments
  • Enterprise Technology Leaders and Strategy Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architecture and Design Capability Leads
  • Business Intelligence Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Directors
  • Legal professionals
  • Research Managers
  • Digital/IT Consultants














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