The New Zealand Organisational Learning Symposium

Experience | Inclusion | Engagement

27 - 28 Mar 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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separately bookable workshop
Creating agile, strategic and innovative solutions for our modern learners
29 March 2019 | 9.00am - 5.00pm

Agile and Human centred design are a few of the latest buzzwords in many business functions, including L&D and the wider HR sphere.  This workshop will unpack why agile and Design Thinking are a few of the current trends in organisational learning. Following this, Anna will help you strategise, and develop engaging, modern and innovative learning solutions for your teams by combining what you already know with new theories and techniques.

  1. Explore your questions 'Why is agile now a buzzword in learning? And design thinking?What about Lean start up?'    
  2. Answer 'How does Learning Experience Design differ from Instructional Design?' 
  3. Uncover the skills and mindset needed to develop life-long learners for the future of work 
  4. Diagnose current performance issues and the impact of solving them 
  5. Plan a design sprint with your stakeholders  
  6. Use a learning experience canvas to design your impact  
  7. Plan your initial learning experiment 
  8. Design behavioural nudges to ensure long term change

Anna Kingston


Brightstar Training 

Anna has always loved to learn.  But in this rapidly changing world, even she feels that keeping up with all the new ideas, skills and information coming at us every day is a challenge.  That's why she loves to help you filter, curate and learn, so you feel both calm and current.  Anna helps you apply some of the new practices like design thinking, agile and lean enterprise to your business problems so you can achieve fast, modern and sustainable business results and learning.  "It's never about throwing out your current values, mindsets or toolkits.  It's about using what works, removing what doesn't and creating more time for you to be successful in life and work.” Anna has worked in the Learning and Development industry for over 15 years both at a strategic and a hands-on level, as a Learning and Development Manager, Learning Designer, Coach, and Facilitator. Within complex global telecommunications, retail, airline, financial, corporate and manufacturing enterprises, Anna has been responsible for designing innovative leadership and sales and service improvement programs, including many blended learning solutions which have led to immediate increases in performance. Anna is passionate about creating immediately applicable, practical, learner-centred and useful learning solutions, developing buy-in from both learners and stakeholders. Anna loves to work with learning teams and practitioners.

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