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Opening remarks from the Chair
Renetta Alexander, Future Capabilities and Culture Strategist
OPENING KEYNOTE: The future shape of organisations
  • Will organisations keep up with constantly shifting environments? 
  • How employers are responding to change in employee expectations  
  • Challenging traditional thinking and models 
  • The impact of technological advancements on organisational learning
Clare Parkes, Founder and Lead Consultant, Beyond Performance
The building blocks of organisational learning 
  • Organisational learning trends at a national level and global level. How are these trends being implemented in NZ organisations? 
  • The shift in demand away from the historic supply solution for learning 
  • Global and local learning and development budgets – what’s happening with them? 
  • How does an organisation’s learning and development strategy impact on talent acquisition and retention?
Rob Heaney , Director, Management Consulting, PwC New Zealand
Morning break
Catering to the masses - how are learning providers and designers adapting to create ‘best fit’ opportunities for organisational learning?
  • What trends are we seeing around demand for post-secondary formal and executive learning?  
  • The influence of organisational design shifts on the construct of learning in organisations and industries and how employers bring learning opportunities from the providers into their organisations 
  • Embracing technology to deliver optimal solutions 
Dr Gayle Morris, Associate Professor, Project Lead: Learning and Teaching Transformation, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, AUT
Michelle Taggart, Community and Industry Education Manager, Xero
Jane Welch, In-house Learning and Development Manager, Brightstar Training 
CASE STUDY: Fit for purpose training through collaboration

With the changing face of work in New Zealand, learning and training providers and the industries they service are having to reimagine how they impart knowledge and skills to their current and future employees. In this session, you will hear how trades-based industries are collaborating with ITOS to create learning that is fit for purpose to skill, reskill and upskill their apprentices and workers.  

Diane Lithgow, Head of Engagement, The Skills Organisation
Greg Wallace, Chief Executive Officer, Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ
Lunch break
Transcending diversity - integrating inclusion into organisational learning
  • Using workforce diversity to inform the learning and development strategy and advance organisational goals 
  • The impact diversity has on social learning  
  • What are the challenges of achieving organisational learning that promotes diversity and inclusion? 
Selwyn Cook, National Employer Ambassador, Workbridge NZ
Meeting the needs of multifaceted and multigenerational learners
  • How are people wanting to work? How does this inform how they want to learn?  
  • The different generations of employees and their learning experience 
  • The impact of the changing shape of workforces on an organisation’s ability to achieve its goals 
Justine Munro, Co-Founder and Lab Director, 21C Skills Lab
Christina Rogstad, Principal, The Sage-ing Institute NZ
360 mentoring – inclusion in practice that recognises that diversity of age, experience and background is key to business success.

Jerusha Sharp , 360° Mentoring Programme Graduate, Ports of Auckland
Xuzhao Yan, 360° Mentoring Programme Graduate, Ports of Auckland
Afternoon break
CASE STUDY: Best practice be gone – what happened when Spark ripped up the rule book?
  • Spark’s new learning culture and how it meets the needs of their employees 
  • Their efforts in building self-driving career pathways 
  • Their ‘homemade’ ground breaking performance tool  
  • Lessons learned  
Nick Mackeson-Smith, Learning and Development Lead, Spark
Racheal Reeves , Learning Innovation Lead , Spark
FIRESIDE CHAT: Creating an inclusive learning culture
  • Diversity as an asset to learning  
  • Ensuring employees are receiving the fit for purpose learning opportunities 
  • Using a variety of vehicles to enhance learning and development   
Mary Johnson, Organisational Development Manager, Auckland Council
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Renetta Alexander, Future Capabilities and Culture Strategist
The value of curation to drive employee engagement

There is little room for black and white when it comes to people. Every person is different and therefore learns differently. Curating learning engages the learner and adds value to the experience. On this topic, Mel knows what she is doing. She is experienced, she has been there, done that and in this session, she will impart her own learnings that will help you rethink how you’re engaging with your people. 

Mel Rowsell, CEO, Wisdom at Work
Are we destined to be lifelong learners?  
  • Advancing learning with technology  
  • Micro-credentials and nano-degrees   
  • Flipping the classroom with blended learning  
  • How do people learn outside the classroom? Is this informing how organisations approach learning in the workplace?  
Anna Kingston, Facilitator, Brightstar Training 
Morning break
People insights: Using people data to drive learning impact and engagement
  • Operational: Using organisational data to drive structure and reporting in the Learning Managements Systems (LMS) 
  • Strategic: Using Learning Management Systems (LMS) to drive organisational change and connecting to an experience layer (xAPI) 
  • Transformational: Predictive modelling and recommendations for action plans and organisational agility  
James Ballard, Product Manager (Enterprise), Kineo APAC
The journey towards leveraging learning for a winning employee experience 
  • Environment and culture as facilitators of learning  
  • How does an organisation ensure employees have the right tools to get the most out of learning?  
  • What does positive ROI look like? 
Beryl Oldham, Managing Director, Complete Learning Solutions
Lunch break
The synergetic relationship between agile and learning
  • What does agile culture present as opportunities for organisations and learning?
  • What are the challenges of fostering agile using existing learning processes?
  • What is the impact of agile and new ways of learning on the work(force)?
Hadas Wittenberg, Founder and The Future of Work Enabler, Adaptive Futures
Virtual world meets real world – making learning more accessible wherever in the world you are
  • What opportunities is technology making available that we didn’t have previously? 
  • What do employers need to do to ensure they are providing the most up to date and fit for purpose learning tools for employees? 
  • What is changing with what people are wanting from external learning and training providers? 
  • What will be the next big thing?  
Jacinta Penn, Director of Customer Experience, ShowHow
Afternoon break
Why emotionally intelligent conversational AI is a game changer for L&D 

FaceMe is a New Zealand success story, winning the Virgin Business Challenge, and mentoring by Richard Branson. FaceMe’s recent projects include implementing Digital Humans for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Vodafone and UBS bank. This session will focus on:  

  • The application of this technology to surprise and delight customers and staff  
  • What ROI looks like 
Jody Boshoff, Director of Marketing, FaceMe
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Connecting and building capabilities to be future ready humans
Adnan Belushi, Co-Founder, Johnson Corner 
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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