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Alec Couros

Professor of Educational Technology and Media - Faculty of Education

University of Regina, Canada

Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada. An award-winning educator, Alec helps his undergraduate and graduate students take up the incredible affordances of our connected world through the integration of educational technology in teaching and learning. Alec is also a well-recognized scholar and researcher who has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops around the globe on diverse topics such as connected/networked learning, digital citizenship, social media in education, and critical media literacy, providing educators, students, and parents with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of and thrive in our new digital reality. Finally, Alec is a passionate advocate of openness in education and demonstrates this commitment through his open access publications, considerable digital presence and contributions, and highly successful MOOCs and open boundary courses.

Pauline Cleaver

Associate Deputy Secretary Curriculum - Pathways and Progress

Ministry of Education

Pauline Cleaver is the Associate Deputy Secretary Curriculum, Pathways and Progress at the Ministry of Education. Her role is to lead the design and implementation of the New Zealand Curricula. This has recently included the design of the new digital curriculum content which is being implemented from 2018, as well as, the resources and professional development that will support New Zealand teachers build their capability in this area.

Stuart Wakefield


Ministry of Education

Stuart joined the Ministry of Education as Chief Information Officer in 2014, and was previously the Director of the Office of the Government CIO. He has extensive experience in both private and public sector technology roles, across a broad range of industries, including banking & finance, postal, utilities and health, and several years as an independent consultant. His roles have included significant business change initiatives, such as the regionalisation of clinical records and patient administration systems in the health sector, as well as significant policy and strategy development work, such as the inaugural NZ Government ICT Strategy & Action Plan. In the education sector, Stuart is exploring how we bring the NZ Education system forward into a true digital ecosystem, encompassing learners, educators, providers and parents.

Shane Kerr


EdTech New Zealand

Shane has 30+ Years as an Information Technology Professional and this is what he’s passionate about. He’s a strong customer advocate and his focus is about; strategic, outcomes-focused, business and technology solutions. His experience includes working with the Tertiary and ITO sector, small to large Corporates and NGOs and providing strategic consultation to support innovation and disruption. He has a particular passion in advancing the EdTech sector in New Zealand with a focus on learner-centred education and ensuring that both the student and teacher have agency. The focus goes beyond traditional K12 and Tertiary and takes a long-term view of continuous education through to and beyond retirement (cradle to grave).

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