The New Zealand Culture Conference

Igniting transformation from the top down and bottom up

5 Nov 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland


The future is changing before our eyes and the future of work is continuously changing with it. Organisations are needing to endlessly undergo transformation and adapt to stay relevant. Culture is at the core of how and why organisations are able to adapt and shift. We need leaders willing to take responsibility for the culture they create; then we will have the opportunity to make tangible changes at scale.  

The New Zealand Culture Conference will deliver a high level, visionary and distinctly “kiwi” platform for cross industry and cross sector leaders to engage with thought leaders and practitioners of anthropology, leadership and culture, gain tangible and informative insights and get the tools they need to embark on or continue their own culture journey within their organisation.

Top reasons to attend:  

  • Hear premium commentary and case studies from prominent culture leaders, specialists and experts  
  • Valuable opportunities to network and develop with fellow leaders and peers 
  • Access to the practical tools and guidance you need on your own culture journey

Agenda and speaker lineup will be available shortly. For updates, please register your interest. 

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