New Zealand BIM Conference

The next generation of building, maintenance and design processes

The inaugural BIM Conference was a great success, bringing together key stakeholders in the building, construction and designing industries to discuss the current and future applications of BIM in New Zealand. The discussion of Building Information Modeling - or Building Information Management as a new development is changing the building process and creating a more efficient and effective model for future generations of infrastructure development.

Stay tuned for next years' event, which will further delve into the opportunity to support BIM development in New Zealand and take advantage of the process to maximise collaboration throughout the building industry. Chaired by Rob Stuart, the event involved fascinating discussion, interesting case studies and valuable takeaways to delegates.

Highlights included:

  • Global models of BIM application giving Karl Fitzpatrick's case study in Helsinki
  • The panel discussion of supporting uptake of BIM in NZ: Tim Melville, Dennis Burns, Steve Davis and Tim West
  • BIM for construction cost control: Keeley Pomeroy, 
  • New technologies to support BIM: Malcolm Archbold
  • Bruce Robinson on the surveyor's perspective
  • BIM in mutli-stakeholder projects: Chris Vorster

Feedback from delegates:

"Well done for a first off event."

"Thanks for taking the initiative to organise a BIM event and promote the discussion of BIM in NZ."

"Found it useful despite not having a great involvement previously."

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