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Masterclass: The electrification of transport – Zero tail pipe emission vehicles
22 November 2018 | 9.00am - 5.00pm

Many countries and cities have declared ambitious targets to become ‘zero emission’ with regard to transport. Colin will draw on experience from Europe and the UK to give insight into the future of electric transport and the latest insights, updates, theories and myth busting in this EV masterclass.

Want other free information on the world of electric vehicles? The Net Carbon Neutral Towns conference and masterclass is co-located with EVworld South - a free expo that includes seminars and ride 'n try out vehicles: cars, e-bikes etc. See

  • The evolution of the EV and EV terminology
  • How EV’s work – battery developments and main components of a battery electric vehicle
  • Policy and regulation to support mass EV adoption with learning from the UK & EU
  • Overcoming attitudes/myths as barriers to EV adoption
  • Charging infrastructure: types, protocols and multi-standard rapids
  • The recharging business case and battery second life
  • Infrastructure influencers: what is the data telling us?
  • Forecasts for future EV adoption and development

Dr Colin Herron CBE

Managing Director

Zero Carbon Futures

Colin’s career in engineering began in 1973 as an apprentice toolmaker, commencing a 45-year association with the automotive industry. In 1987 he embarked on a 17-year employment with Nissan. After joining the public sector in the North East of England he played a large part in securing the Nissan LEAF, and Li ion battery production to the UK. Colin launched Zero Carbon Futures as MD in 2011 to consult/project a range of projects, from large-scale electric vehicle charging infrastructure programmes, to EV introduction strategy/planning for cities. Very close links with Nissan in Europe and Japan and other automotive OEMs, UK government departments and universities. Colin has presented, lectured and advised public and private bodies on the subject of EV infrastructure throughout the world. North East Plugged in Places Project (NEPIP): Project Director for one of the UK’s first regional EV charging networks, made up of 1,100 charge points in public, workplaces and homes. Notably this included the first 50kW rapid charging network in the UK. Rapid Charge Network (RCN): EU funded Rapid charger installation programme across the UK and Ireland, partners included; Nissan, BMW, Renault and VW. HyTrEc project ZCF worked with partners in Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Germany to deliver training for the installation, maintenance and use of hydrogen as an alternative transport fuel. Relevant experience: ZCF have advised, companies, towns, cities and countries on EV strategy. 5 years’ experience of driving a Nissan Leaf. Current major projects * CPD training on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) * Milton Keynes; 5 year Go Ultra Low project management. * UK EV skills development. * EV/ULEV transition strategy for a EU capital city airport. * Appointed consultants to Transport for London (TfL) regarding future EV infrastructure strategy. * Appointed consultants to Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) regarding EV infrastructure Strategy. Professional qualifications and membership: * Professor of Practice Newcastle University. * PhD in Engineering (2006). * Member of the IET Manufacturing Policy Panel. * Member North East England Innovation Board. * Member North East Automotive Alliance advisory board. * Member of the Newcastle City Futures group. Made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), June 2018, for business and EV.

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