Net Carbon Neutral Towns

Supporting New Zealand communities to achieve a sustainable future.

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  • International Keynote
  • Leading Experts
  • EVworld South

The way forward to achieving a sustainable future for New Zealand, committing to climate change targets and a zero-carbon future is through collaboration and innovation. There is no easy solution or silver bullet to achieving a net zero carbon economy, which will require investment from both private and public sector, a new emphasis on legislation and support to create an economically productive, but environmentally secure future for our country.

Net Carbon Neutral Towns looks at the way forward to achieving the carbon neutrality challenge with an emphasis on how towns, cities, communities and local businesses can work together to develop new projects and initiatives, strong financial incentives and a positive enthusiasm for a more sustainable economy.

Our international keynote Dr Colin Herron from Zero Carbon Futures in the UK gives insight into how we can learn from countries in Europe and the UK to achieve carbon an climate change targets, with a focus on the role that electric transport plays in the sustainability mix.

Featuring insight into:

  • Transitioning toward a low emissions economy
  • The practical implications of net carbon neutrality to NZ
  • Achieving carbon neutrality in NZ towns
  • Innovation - the silver bullet to net carbon neutral NZ?
  • Linking 'smart' to sustainable - tech and data for net carbon neutral towns

Net Carbon Neutral Towns is co-located with EVworld South. This event offers a free to attend expo and seminars for Fleet Managers and SMEs looking to enhance their EV fleet. Modelled from the success of our EVworld NZ event in Auckland with over 4 400 visitors in 2018, this is THE EV expo for the South.









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