National Freshwater Conference 2020

Sharing strategies to protect our most important resource

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Learn how to implement new national environmental standards for Freshwater
Friday 28 February | 9.00am-12.30pm | Cliftons, Wellington
Delivered by Natasha Garvan, environmental and resource management law specialist, Bell Gully
• An explanation of updates to the National Environmental Standard (NES) of Human Drinking Water, and new NESs for Freshwater and Wastewater; new NES rules, regulations and limits in response to the updated National Policy Statement for Freshwater
• Understand new responsibilities for regional councils as to how to implement the RMA
• Understand where, when and how regional councils are enforcing more stringent rules around freshwater
• Updates and new interpretations of key definitions
• How we can expect wetland protection to be enforced moving forward
• Updates to definitions you need to know – for example new rules around non-complying earthworks and new prohibited and discretionary activities
• What is likely to be in a new freshwater planning process requiring councils to produce new plans under the NPS-FM by 2025, what we might expect in a Resource Management Amendment Bill due for introduction to Parliament in coming months and what role Freshwater Commissioners will take on

Natasha Garvan

Senior Associate

Bell Gully

Natasha Garvan is a Senior Associate in the resource management team at Bell Gully. Natasha is working on a project called Food, Farms, and Freshwater (3F). It is looking to obtain a premium from consumers to return to participating farmers for meeting environmental standards. Natasha’s clients include Transpower, Meridian Energy, Tainui Group Holdings, and Auckland Transport.

What farmers need to know about the National Environmental standards for Freshwater
Friday 28 February | 1.30pm-5.00pm | Cliftons, Wellington
With Jennifer Caldwell and Mathew Gribben, Senior Associates, Buddle Findlay
• How to achieve a newly required Freshwater Farm Plan (FW-FP) By 31 December 2025
• New rules about audit of compliance for FW-FP
• Updates to clauses around managing nitrogen loss – proposed cap for catchments with high nitrate-nitrogen levels, requiring farms with excessive losses to reduce size; a national nitrogen fertiliser cap; or required (and audited) nitrogen leaching reduction farm plans for farms in catchments with high nitrate-nitrogen levels
• A guide to the proposed clearer requirements for land-use consents for farming or increases in farm inputs
• Options to reduce excessive nutrient leaching, including: new regulations around intensive winter grazing and exclusion of stock from waterways

Jennifer Caldwell


Buddle Findlay

Jennifer specialises in resource management, environmental and local government law, with extensive experience as a strategic adviser and specialist litigator in the Environment Court, High Court and higher courts. She is a leading New Zealand lawyer advising on consent and designation projects and strategic planning processes.

Mathew Gribben

Senior Associate

Buddle Findlay

Mathew specialises in environmental and resource management law and advises on a wide range of resource management, environmental and local government matters.

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