National Freshwater Conference 2019

Collaborating to create sustainable and efficient freshwater management strategies for the benefit of all New Zealanders

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The security, sustainability, and quality of freshwater resources will be a leading issue in the coming decades for all of New Zealand. Ensuring that our freshwater resources are sustainably maintained, safely stored and efficiently delivered will be some of the challenges facing our growing population.

Conferenz is proud to present, for the eleventh time, a nationally focused freshwater management conference. Join freshwater stakeholders from all sectors of New Zealand in a dialogue focusing on knowledge sharing and collaboration that will shape the future of the freshwater management scene.

Featuring International Keynote Speaker Dr Luke Mosley, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide, and Visiting Scientist, CSIRO

Key topics covered will include:

  • An examination of the legal regulations that shape freshwater management policies – including updates on changes to NPS-FM, the relevant NES and other freshwater regulations and how these will affect users and stakeholders
  • Collaboration and its role in successful freshwater management strategies for the benefit of all New Zealanders
  • The future of freshwater infrastructure in New Zealand – from design and funding to the technology and its implementation
  • Freshwater disaster management – an update on recent freshwater supply crises
  • A guided look at the freshwater sciences in New Zealand, the data that it produces
  • Modern life and its growing impact on the freshwater continuum
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