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The importance of delivering business strategy that results in sustainable long-term value creation

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Why choose to extend your external reporting?

Integrated thinking and integrated reporting are two trends in business that are becoming more essential in the modern global community.  Most organisations are now at least extending their external reporting to include sustainability reporting which gives more of a picture of how the company operates and the way it treats the environment and it's people.  However, the biggest question around extending external reporting, especially integrated reporting, is where and how to start?  


Join us at the Crowne Plaza on Wednesday 10 April 2019 for our in depth spearately bookable workshops designed to introduce you to sustainability reporting aand integrated reporting.


Introduction to Sustainability Reporting

  • Addressing why sustainability reporting should be important to your organisation
  • Understanding the different meanings of sustainability in a business sense
  • Looking into the most recognised and widely used frameworks available for sustainable reporting
  • Choosing what to measure, how to measure, and who to measure it for
  • Communicating your reporting appropriately in a simple, easy to understand way


Integrated Reporting Masterclass

  • Understanding why integrated reporting is becoming essential in the modern business climate
  • Where and how to start with integrated reporting
  • Choosing what is material to your organisation and understanding that this question is different for everybody
  • Looking at the best ways to measure and integrate your financial and non-financial information
  • Understanding the concept of integrated thinking how it can benefit your organisation


Facilitator Stefan Rüegg is an Executive Director  of the boutique business advisory firm Proxima who specialise in sustainabliity.  Proxima are also New Zealand's only GRI certified training parnter and provider of <IR> approved sustainability and integrated reporting training courses.







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