Industrial Internet of Things Conference

Building intelligent systems for intelligent industrial processes


Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Optimisation - Opportunities for IIoT implementation
Opening address: Introducing the IoT Alliance New Zealand

Kriv Naicker of the IoT Alliance board will join us to discuss the background to the creation of the IoT Alliance in New Zealand

  • Examining why New Zealand needs an IoT Alliance
  • Discussing the goals of the IoT Alliance in New Zealand
  • Looking at early observations of the Alliance since creation
Kriv Naicker, Board Member, IoT Alliance NZ
Intelligent industry: The Connected Enterprise
  • Examining manufacturing systems - Where in the process can networked devices be implemented most efficiently
  • Exploring the stages of creating a connected manufacturing enterprise
  • Building a smart factory - Moving from simple connectivity to analytics and process improvement
Patrick Ho, Business Lead - Services, Rockwell Automation
Morning break
Tech leaders’ panel: Aligning business with new models of work and industry

Hear the leaders in the industrial sector discuss how business is being disrupted by IIoT, the challenges, opportunities and how to ensure that your business is
not left behind.

  • Discussing the common myths regarding IIoT - What looks impressive versus what is practical
  • Models for IIoT implementation - how leaders have implemented their IIoT systems and overcome common pain points
  • Future opportunities for smart tech in manufacturing and production
Jarred Clayton, Chief Operating Officer, Eroad
Urie Bezuidenhout, Managing Director, Da Vinci Transport Planning
Dieter Adam, Chief Executive, NZ Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Finding the right data and analytics for effective use of machine learning
  • The practical benefits of machine learning and challenges of implementation
  • Get the most value from your machine learning - choosing the right data and analytics for optimal results
  • Examine where advanced artificial intelligence or cognitive computing can improve your manufacturing processes
Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
Lunch break
Improving business practices and IIoT Infrastructure
Finding the business case for IIoT implementation

-          Increasing workforce productivity and asset utilisation

-          Reducing theft and asset loss

-          Realising improved customer engagement through innovative use of IOT

Aaron Oplhert., Chief Digital Officer, Kordia
Next level manufacturing - making IIoT a reality in New Zealand

Dieter Adam of NZMEA joins us to discuss the specific impact IIoT is having on the manufacturing sector, and how New Zealand businesses can work to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Discussing the opportunities for manufacturing to take advantage of IIoT
  • Looking at the obstacles to overcome - How can an SME implement smart manufacturing processes?
  • Providing a long-term view of NZ’s manufacturing future during the disruption of Industry 4.0
  • Learning from Germany and working with Australia - the value of international connections when implementing Industry 4.0
Dieter Adam, Chief Executive, NZ Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Afternoon break
Sustainable IIoT transformation
  • Building a sustainable transformation strategy with all stakeholders
  • How to be successful with IIOT transformation
  • Connecting the technology and business people - Avoiding the creation of an IoT silo in business
Darrin Bull, Consultant, Diffusion
IIOT and Data Science - Applications in Healthcare & Food Science
Farhaan Mirza, Lecturer, AUT
Jing Ma, Data Science Researcher, AUT
Shakeel Ahmed, Food Scientist, Imonitor
Summary remarks from the Chair & networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Operational - Applications of IoT in the industrial sector
Smart industrial health and safety
  • Taking advantage of interconnected and ubiquitous technology to communicate with staff
  • Using data to identify where incidents may occur and identify training needs
  • Leveraging cloud, mobile, location and wearables to drive real-time connections, better outcomes and culture change
Richard Gill, Founder & CEO, Blerter
Visualising your IoT network – Industrial augmented reality

While most coverage of augmented reality has focussed on its application in the mobile games sector the best opportunities lie in the industrial sector. Drew Minock will join us to discuss how AR is changing the industrial scene.

  • Discussing the background to the creation of the DAQRI smart helmet
  • Applying augmented reality to visualise data
  • Where to from here? The future of AR in the industrial sector
Drew Minock, Outreach Manager, DAQRI
Morning break
Transforming agriculture: IIoT technologies in a growing sector
  • The application of IIoT to provide more efficiency and lessen environmental risk in agriculture
  • Precision agriculture and the ability of data collection to allow for more efficient use of natural resources
  • Leverage the use of IIoT to reinforce the New Zealand brand and produce high value food
Ian Yule, Professor - Precision Agriculture, Massey University & Board Member, Precision Agriculture NZ
Utilising the opportunities of IIoT in the provision of electricity

Working within a disrupted market forces agility and adaptability. Dr Thahirah Jalal will discuss the underutilised opportunities for IIoT in electricity and
how to move forward with new models of use.

  • Discussing the need to adapt to new consumer needs in electricity
  • Looking at how IIoT can assist new methods of optimising electricity costs
  • Exploring how to take advantage of data collected about electricity use from IIoT devices
Thahirah Jalal, Asset Intelligence Specialist, Unison Networks
Lunch break
Future-proofing - Ensuring IIoT projects are ready for the next 5-10 years
Protecting your organisation’s insights: Data security in the IIoT

Increasing numbers of internet connected sensors provides both greater visibility on a system and several points that are vulnerable to attack. This session will explore the security concerns for IIoT users and how to ensure that organisations are protected from cyber-attack.

  • Concerns around data security - where are blind spots in your system?
  • The suitability of current safeguards and the ability of new devices to protect against an attack
  • New tools and opportunities for organisations to protect themselves against increasing security risk
Plotting your strategy for continuous change and upscaling projects
  • Finding where change can have the best impact on business efficiency and where to invest first
  • Rebuilding infrastructure intelligently – evaluating where to commit resources in change projects
  • Upskilling your workforce and bringing them on board the journey
Ian Walsh, Director, INTENT Group
Afternoon break
IIoT informing asset management
  • Data Standards - The role and function
  • Maintaining Assets - collecting monitoring data and implementing predictive modelling
  • Assets, Investment for growth - Support important asset management decisions using IIoT collected data
  • Intergenerational Equity - Develop a long-term view for protecting your assets and asset monitoring systems
Haydn Read, Head of Infrastructure Programmes, Auckland Council
3.50 Where will the fourth industrial revolution leave the workforce?
  • Looking at the current changes in the industrial workforce
  • Discussing the new roles and responsibilities in an era of disruption
  • Looking at what is happening beyond the horizon for future industry
David Brougham, Senior Lecturer, Massey University
Closing remarks from the Chair & end of conference
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